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Tiny Toy Torah Envy – Crochet-Style

DSC04199My friend Sara has made quite a name for herself online crafting this sweet little Tiny Toy Torah (instructions  here; rather nice copycat here), and being full of envy and wanting my kids to have a “different” plush Torah for simchas Torah, I just went ahead and crocheted one instead.

One side is thicker than the other so you can roll the rectangular piece onto it and still tuck it into its case. (I have rolled it up tightly to hopefully “block” some of the wibbliness in the rectangular section.)

What case, you ask???  Well, it’s more of a cloak, and it’s a work in progress.  Hopefully finished by motzaei Shabbos, because we don’t crochet on yom tov, so that’ll be my last chance.

  DSC04198  DSC04200

It looks a little wonky in the pictures, but I think it’s rather sweet… blank klaf and all.