Parsha Poem: Ha’azinu / הַאֲזִינוּ

דְּבָרִים / Devarim / Deuteronomy 32:1-32:52: Read ithear itcolour it.

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image A song, sung by Moshe, at the end of his life:

Listen, O heavens!  Listen, O earth!
Hashem is the one who gave you your birth;
Hashem is the Rock, He is great, strong and pure,
Cling to Him now and your lives are secure.

Though it may seem that He will destroy,
Remember forever, you are His great joy;
Our Father He is and our Master will be,
So take heed of His words most seriously.

If you forget now the promise He made,
Your elders beseech, for His message betrayed;
As no special deeds or accomplishments came
To you before he bestowed His great name.

He swept you aloft with His presence so regal,
Carrying you higher, borne as an eagle;
Gave you the best of all the land’s things,
All the sweet foods and the riches it brings.

And yet you forgot Him and turned from His ways,
As He hid His face for a lifetime of days.
Terrible punishments soon would ensue,
Rivals invading as famine wind blew;

Enemies crowing, rejoicing our doom,
Raising their lies over Israel’s tomb.
If they were wise, they would think of their fate,
Remember Hashem, long before it’s too late.

For their destiny, too, will arrive before long,
The victorious end at the end of this song;
Vengeance is His and to Him all the earth,
Hashem’s is the healing that brings our rebirth.



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