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My New Friend Kobo…

I guess I’m feeling week with this week’s minor infusion of cash, because I gave in to yet another impulse and invested in an eBook reader (obnoxiously called an ereader for short).It’s a Kobo Touch,… Read more

Impatient Preschooler Phonics Worksheet Tip

If your preschooler desperately WANTS to do phonics worksheets and has the knowledge to do them easily, but lacks the patience and writing skills to sit drawing X’s or O’s around the correct answers,… Read more

Flag Day!

The kids were intrigued by the half-maple-leaf design I cut out (more information in this post), and I discovered that by cleverly folding a piece of construction paper into quarters, Naomi could sin… Read more

Goodbye, Robert Munsch (from our house)

I don’t know if this is the kind of Canadiana Post I’m supposed to include for the Great Canadian Blog Bash, but here it is anyway… sorry!A couple of days ago, I put my foot down.  No more Robert Mun… Read more

Can’t beat ‘em…

I subscribed to The Old Schoolhouse.My blog posting software doesn’t offer any fonts smaller than that, so I can’t hide it any better.Am I ashamed?First of all, my love affair with magazines:  everyb… Read more

Meeting the Masters: Van Gogh, Part 2

Because we’re only doing it every other week, this is only our second “day” with our first Meet the Masters artist.  (read about our happy first meeting here)Today, it was time for the hands-on proje… Read more

Canada Day – Welcome, Great Canadian Blog Bash!!!

Uh-oh… just realized I’m supposed to have a welcome post here and add my linky… whoops!WELCOME!!!  I will be trying to do a few things of Canadian interest this week to welcome visitors from the Blo… Read more

Naomi’s-Eye view of the garden

She was frantically describing a flower to me and I couldn’t get away, so I sent her out with my camera.  54 pictures later, these are some of the highlights…Some of the pictures, like the shasta dai… Read more

What shall we eat??? aka Menu Plan Monday

Why the weird dates? Click here to find out!  Other “weekly challenges” I have not been doing very regularly with since Pesach, which is pretty pathetic, I admit:Six Word SaturdayHomeschool DiaryYay,… Read more

Toronto-Area Readers: Awesome Canada’s Wonderland Deal!

Ends TOMORROW, June 28th!  Tickets are “only” $37.28 each – $32.99 plus tax, which is 41% off – for PayPal users.  We haven’t been in years, but I had to jump on this one.Click here to buy – remember… Read more

Dvar Torah: Parshas Chukas

Once again, I have to speak at my mother’s shalosh seudos next Shabbos, so for once, I started preparing EARLY – like yesterday, on Shabbos.  I don’t write divrei Torah often and without a formal yes… Read more

Postal No More!

The strike is OVER!!!Starting on Monday, Canada post will be beginning the process of sorting the hundreds of bazillion packages just like mine that have arrived from other countries in the past cou… Read more

Rainy Day fun

Read more

Shabbos Food

Well, not really… I’m focusing on childrearing and housecleaning today, so hopefully Ted will do something foodish when  he gets home.SupperBlender Challah, Take 2Soup w/kneidlachTwo whole stuffed c… Read more

Official MamaLand Guide to… Windows computer being Bad or Slow

Reflections from a week of fixing my mother’s aging computer.  Just because your computer is going on 6 – ancient in computer years – doesn’t mean you can’t still have wonderful computing experiences… Read more

Interview with MOI in Where What When?

A few weeks ago a writer interviewed me via email for Where What When, Baltimore’s Torah magazine,  about my travelling such a crazy-long distance for the Torah Homeschool Conference.  Here is an exc… Read more

Story of the World – and a kid who hates to colour

Many of the student pages in the Story of the World Activity Book are actually just colouring pages, and I was dreading getting through a year of colouring with her.But I do think the pictures are we… Read more

Wanty, wanty…

I really want this colouring book to go with our geography studies!  Naomi really doesn’t like colouring very much, but this book has enough interesting facts to draw her in, I think.  Plus, it’s ch… Read more

Cranky Complaints-Lady in an Election Year!

Sent this evening... variations to all MPPs and provincial leaders. The one below is the governing-party version, which includes the paragraphs about implementing all-day kindergarten. Feel free … Read more

Parsha Poem: Korach / קֹרַח

בְּמִדְבַּר / Bamidbar / Numbers 16:1-18:32: Read ithear itcolour it.Printable PDF version here.No parsha narrative overview this week.
Copywork and parsha activities available at this page – u… Read more

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