Cranky Complaints-Lady Buys BOOKS! (or tries to)

Naomi’s-Eye view of the garden

She was frantically describing a flower to me and I couldn’t get away, so I sent her out with my camera.  54 pictures later, these are some of the highlights…

naomis pics 005 naomis pics 018 naomis pics 025 naomis pics 035 

Some of the pictures, like the shasta daisy, just about took my breath away:  I have never gotten pictures that good out of my camera.  Elisheva says it’s because everything is at eye level for Naomi.

Here is her own special picnic-table “weed garden.”  It includes (big square pot) dandelions she planted from seed, (round pot) a “weed maple” I pulled up and handed to her, which is now thriving, and (small square pot) a sprig of golden creeping Jenny that she saved when it was entwined with some ribbon grass I was pulling out. 

naomis pics 041

They are each so precious to her… she’s always running outside and checking on them.