What shall we eat??? aka Menu Plan Monday

image Why the weird dates? Click here to find out! 

Other “weekly challenges” I have not been doing very regularly with since Pesach, which is pretty pathetic, I admit:

imageYay, it’s still Monday!!!  And it looks like this week is supposed to be my favourite kind of summer weather – cool as a cucumber.

Sunday (last night):  BBQ hb’s & hd’s @ Mommy

Monday (tonight):  Perogies from freezer, peas

Tuesday (Riverdale Farm, baseball game):  Pretzel dogs – Naomi’s request, Mango-Poppy salad dressing - Elisheva’s request.  With salad, of course.

Wednesday (big kids camping w/aunts):  Some kind of breaded fried fish (Ted request)- with WHAT on the side???

Thursday (Vegan Vursday!):    Farmers’ Market fare on focaccia (fof?) and/or pletzl w/pea soup aka “Pease Porridge” to go with this week’s Literature Pocket Nursery Rhyme.

Shabbos Dinner: @ Mommy’s – to bake challah, cake.

Shabbos Lunch:  Out!!!

Sunday:  big kids on PLANE to CALGARY!!!


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