Cuteness – and Shabbos Food

GZ, over and over and over:  “Abba, you’re being loshon Torah!”

I have no idea what it means, but it sure is cute…

Back from tutoring plus dentist and moping at the computer – sitting staring at a bowl of Crispix, wondering how to eat it with my floppy mouth - while Ted makes Shabbos.  Here’s what he has planned:


  • Challah (I am making this)
  • soup w/kneidlach
  • Onion chicken
  • Squash kugel
  • spring rolls – with special lumpia wrappers
  • Potato Something
  • Banana cake – I’m making this


  • Challah
  • Cholent
  • Slicey meats
  • Pasta salad – just plain ol’ mayo, pasta, frozen peas
  • Broccoli salad
  • Desserts

So that’s that… wish me luck with this cereal!


  1. Sounds delicious (and ambitious!)! Way to go, lady! And Shabbat Shalom! I hope it's lovely, wonderful and yummy!

  2. Your menu looks great, and I love that your husband makes so much of it. My husband makes the chulent and runs shabbos errands, but he really doesn't enjoy the cooking so I usually do all of it. It would be nice to have a week off... :)


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