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לימודי קודש/Limudei Kodesh Copywork & Activity Printables

Welcome to my Limudei Kodesh / Jewish Studies copywork and activity printables page.  As of June 2013, I am slowly but surely moving all my printables over to 4shared because Google Docs / Drive is just too flaky for me.

What you’ll find here:

Other printables!

  • For General Studies printables and activities, including Hebrew-English science resources and more, click here.
  • For Miscellaneous homeschool helps and printables, click here.

If you use any of my worksheets, activities or printables, please leave a comment or email me at Jay3fer “at” gmail “dot” com, to link to your blog, to tell me what you’re doing with it, or just to say hi!  If you want to use them in a school, camp or co-op setting, please email me (remove the X’s) for rates.

covershadowIf you just want to say Thank You, here’s a good way:

Or… you can buy my weekly parsha book, The Family Torah:  the story of the Torah, written to be read aloud.

Trouble downloading???

  • Older files are hosted on Google Docs.  If you have trouble with a Google Docs PDF file, click here.
  • Newer files are hosted on 4Shared.  If you have trouble with a file on 4shared, click here.

Click each image or file name to download a printable PDF.

Parsha Copywork / פרשת השבוע: 

imageEarly in the year, if you’re just starting to  learn parsha, just beginning a new book of the Torah, or really just anytime, it might be a good time to look at “Hearing the Message”, a one-page poster I put together summarizing the theme of each of the 5 books of the Torah.  PDF downloads here:  Ashkenaz, Sefard.

Dsc04608_thumb[1]Also, if you’re FINISHING a book of the Torah, check out this 3-D Paper Pop-Ups activity for “Chazak, Chazak, v’Nischazeik” (חֲזַק חֲזַק וְנִתְחַזֵּק) which we say when we finish reading a book of the Torah together in shul.  Here’s the link, in case you missed it.

The following are copywork and other resources for specific parshiyos.  

p.s.  I don’t know why the 4shared thumbnails always look so WEIRD.  Please, please, PLEASE let me know if the actual download is messed up.  There are things I can do to fix it!


(p.s. Images are samples only.  Scroll down for a full listing.)

  thumbCopywork_Parshas_Ki_Seitzei_2 deletemeCopywork_Parshas_Vayelech





Deuteronomy Devarim


Lech Lecha (plus two activities; scroll down to view)

Chayei Sarah
Vayeitzei (old version, new version)
(also a paper craft – scroll down)
Vayeishev (old version, new version)
(old version, new version)
Vaeira (scroll down for plague activities)
Bo (also a matching game – scroll down)
Yisro (ten commandments)
Teruma (parts of the Mishkan copywork)
Teruma (Mishkan cut and paste activity)
Tetzaveh (clothes of the Kohein Gadol)
Ki Sisa (copywork,
math activity)
Vayakhel (standard, easy tracing format)
Pekudei (standard, easy tracing format)
Acharei Mos

Shlach (basic, advanced)
Korach (basic, two-level)
Chukas (basic, two-level)
(also a craft and big-people dvar Torah)
Balak (also a printable eBook – scroll down)
Pinchas (two levels)
Devarim (two-level – fun!)
Eikev (two-level, plus a colouring page)
(plus a colouring page)
Ki Seitzei (basic, two-level)
Ki Savo
Nitzavim-Vayelech (combined)
Vayelech only (two levels)
VeZos HaBracha

Other Parsha-Related Activities

deleteme  image_thumbimage_thumb

Parsha Skills Worksheets / Workbooks – 6 pages each with a variety of activities to familiarize kids – in a fun, gentle way! – with vocabulary in English and Hebrew from the weekly parsha.  For a full description, please see this post.

One-page Onkelos / Aramaic supplement to parsha skills worksheets:



Weekly Parsha Narration Page

This is our generic “Weekly Parsha” narration page – blank, so it’s all ready for you and your child to fill in each week.  For examples of how we use these, see this post.

 Bereishis (Genesis) sequencing – all 12 parshiyos of Bereishis (June 2013, now on 4shared - yay!):


Lech Lecha Activities:


image_thumb2“We are the Stars”:  This is just an example; download the actual PDF here.

Bris Bein HaBesarim – Covenant Between the Parts / Pieces activity for Lech Lecha.






Vayeitzei – Twelve Shevatim / Tribes Dodecahedron and Dice Game:

image image

(for background, instructions and accompanying song, click here and here)

Vayeishev (Joseph/יוסף/Yosef) Bingo Dauber Art & Maze:


Vayigash Mapwork – tracing the descent into Egypt:


Shemos Activity Pack – five fun-filled pages!


Vaeiraten plagues copywork:


Vaeira – Parsha of the Week: Overview, Narration/drawing page and song book for the 10 plagues:

image_thumb[1]Bo - “Ten Plagues”/מַכּוֹת memory card game

(instructions included, but I accidentally wrote that a player keeps “a card” when the player actually keeps the PAIR of cards… this is not big enough to go in and fix; sorry!)





Yisroaseres hadibros / ten commandments / עשרת הדברות copywork:


Terumaparts of the Mishkan cut and paste activity (2 levels of difficulty!):


Ki Sisa – half-shekel equivalences and fractions basic math activities:


Balak – printable easy reader mini-book and eReader PDF mini-book – THREE versions:

Printable PDF, old art:
Printable PDF, new art:
eReader-sized (Kobo 12.5cm x 9cm) PDF:

Re’ay – Owl-Eater Colouring Page:



More Chumash / Tanach Activities:



Yom Tov Activities:

  • Sukkos MiniLapbook8 image image image temp delete me Rosh_Hashanah_Activity_Pack_57 deletemeAvinu_Malkeinu_English_Hebrew_ image



    Tefillah Copywork & Activities:

    New!  Brachos / Blessings After Food copywork and activities

    image_thumb image_thumb[1]

    Borei Nefashos (more info here)

    Additional tefillah copywork:

    Modeh Ani, Ashrei, Shema (single passuk excerpt)

    Also check out my complete super-amazing Tefillah lapbook!!!

    image  image image

    (hint:  cyberspace is a lonely place…leave a comment to say “hi” if you do download anything – let me know what you used and how!)

    Jewish Preschool Resources:

    • Sing the Alef-Bais Songs! – more than 22 songs (there are a couple of doubles, I think) to help you sing your way through the alef-bais with your kids.

    Pirkei Avos:


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    Hebrew/ עברית & English General Studies Printables

    For Jewish Studies, including weekly parsha resources and copywork, click here . If you use any of my worksheets, activities or printables, please leave a comment or email me at Jay3fer “at” gmail “dot” com, to link to your blog, to tell me what you’re doing with it, or just to say hi!  If you want to use them in a school, camp or co-op setting, please email me (remove the X’s) for rates. If you enjoy these resources, please consider buying my weekly parsha book, The Family Torah :  the story of the Torah, written to be read aloud – or any of my other wonderful Jewish books for kids and families . English Worksheets & Printables: (For Hebrew, click here ) Science :  Plants, Animals, Human Body Math   Ambleside :  Composers, Artists History Geography Language & Literature     Science General Poems for Elemental Science .  Original Poems written by ME, because the ones that came with Elemental Science were so awful.  Three pages are included:  one page with two po