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Hebrew/ עברית & English General Studies Printables

For Jewish Studies, including weekly parsha resources and copywork, click here.

If you use any of my worksheets, activities or printables, please leave a comment or email me at Jay3fer “at” gmail “dot” com, to link to your blog, to tell me what you’re doing with it, or just to say hi!  If you want to use them in a school, camp or co-op setting, please email me (remove the X’s) for rates.


If you enjoy these resources, please consider buying my weekly parsha book, The Family Torah:  the story of the Torah, written to be read aloud – or any of my other wonderful Jewish books for kids and families.

English Worksheets & Printables:

(For Hebrew, click here)



Poems for Elemental Science.  Original Poems written by ME, because the ones that came with Elemental Science were so awful.  Three pages are included:  one page with two poems for plants, two pages with six poems for animals (overview; mammals, birds, fish, reptiles, amphibians).  If you’re just looking for the one-page Parts of a Plant poems, click here.  Feedback is appreciated!


Plant Life Cycle Copywork in English (scroll down for Hebrew version)


Chapter/Section Blank Narration sheets.  Use instead of or in addition to the Notebooking Journal when your kids have more to say than fits in the small number of lines provided.  Or skip the notebooking journal and just read-and-narrate with this sheet, in pure Charlotte Mason style!

image Sorting / Classifying Animals worksheets.  More information on how to use these worksheets in this postDisclaimer:  Because the images in this printable are taken from the actual Apologia Zoology 1 book, only use this printable if you have already purchased the book and own the right to use it with your family.

Other Science:
imageElephants Map
/ Elephant Differences (African vs Asian)
Butterflies / Elephants Vocabulary Copywork:
image image

Human Body

Human Body Printable Paste-On Five Senses (trace child’s body and add each “sense part” as that sense is studied)


image Canadian Currency Posters – in docx format, so you can customize these in any way you like, there is one page for each type of coin:  penny, nickel, dime, quarter, loonie, toonie.  These originally appeared here in the form of a “Chanukah Money” poster we used in 2010.

2-page Frog & Toad Sorting Activities (more information)

Dinosaurs Math/Science Sorting and Graphing Activities (June 2013:  New and improved:  now on 4shared instead of Google Docs!):

(wish I had more like this – it’s easily the most popular download of my entire site!)

Printable paperclips for math (estimating, measuring) activities – I made up this sheet because we didn’t have all the paperclips here that we would have needed to do the estimation and measurements suggested in our workbook.  Not quite as much fun as REAL paperclips, but easier than linking up hundreds of them to measure objects around your home:

Ambleside & Other Fine Arts:


imageFREE Composer narration pages 2011-2012.  Includes one blank page, plus illustrated narration pages for the following composers:  Bach, Bartok, Hindemith, Mendelssohn, Mozart.  Nice picture included for each composer, plus a generous space for writing.
More composer resources:
Printable Composer Books by Thomas Tapper (public domain books available as plain text from Project Gutenberg here), nicely reformatted by me and PDF-downloadable.  Child’s Own Book of Great Musicians:  Chopin, Beethoven, Mozart, Bach.
Also, from “The World’s Great Men of Music” / "Story-Lives of Master Musicians” by Harriette Brower:  Mendelssohn.  (I have tried to adapt Brower’s style to update it as well as bring it in line with the Tapper biographies)


imageAmbleside Artists Printable PDF Download:  Delacroix

The Evolution of Piet Mondrian printable or on-screen PDF presentation showing how his art evolved over his painting career.  Also available as a YouTube Video from this page.

Painting / Picture Studies
imageTwo paintings by Mary Cassatt, with space for handwriting practice (title) and narration, either written by child or parent.  (created to go along with First Language Lessons)






Book of Centuries / Timeline Clip Art “Stickers”

An eclectic mix of ancients, moderns, authors, composers, artists, and Magic Tree House books that we ourselves have read, studied or enjoyed.  There is also a page of significant Jewish dates.  You will want to add and perhaps subtract from this set of clip art, but hopefully, it will give you something to start with!  Because you may wish to customize this document, I’m making it available as an easy-print PDF or a fully-editable Word 2007 document.  If you make tons of changes and come up with something wonderful, you’re welcome to come back  here and share it with others!

Story of the World #1

Story of the World Chapter / Section Narration Page

Because each chapter of SOTW is generally divided into two easily manageable sections, I created this blank narration page to quickly write down the short narrations that are expected as we go along through the book. 
I usually read the question prompts in the Activity Guide first, then ask for a brief narration of whatever she remembers for this section.  Sometimes, I’ll start by reminding her of the title of the current section as a springboard for the narration.


NEW!  FREE Lapbook Components for A Child's Geography - download as many or as few as you want:

Cute antique postcard narration page for A Child’s Geography Book 1: Explore His Earth, by Ann Voskamp.  Could be used with any geography curriculum, as long as you don’t mind if it has a teeny-weeny little book-cover “logo” in the top-right corner.
Oh, okay… here’s a generic version without the book-cover logo, so you could use it with any geography program you enjoy!

Language & Literature


SSL replacement for Xmas Units1_thumb


Song School Latin:  Secular “supplement” to help adapt Xmas material in Chapters 16 and 17 for use in non-Christian families.





First Language Lessons:

Painting / Picture Studies  - imageTwo paintings by Mary Cassatt, with space for handwriting practice (title) and narration, either written by child or parent.

Reading Lists based on Five in a Row (FIAR):

image Summer Reading List, using the book list recommended for Five in a Row, Volume 1.  Reading list is printable in several formats so you can use the list in any way that suits you and your kids!  Full details here.
Winter Reading List using the book list recommended for Five in a Row, Volume 2.  Full details here.

 A poem every month – March to June.  Each month features one main poem, plus supplemental poems, plus poet biography.  From an old text, nicely formatted with graphics.

“1-2-3-4-5, Once I caught a fish alive” Nursery Rhyme Cut-Apart – we’re doing this poem right now and I made this for GZ, but I thought I’d share it in case anybody else finds it useful:

Hebrew Activities and Copywork:

(For English, click here)


Seasons of the Year / עונות השנה
Print on cardstock to use on classroom or home “weather” bulletin board.

Sizes in Hebrew / Letter Gimel / גדול או קטן?
A very simple worksheet that shows various objects.  The next page has cut-out “stickers” that show “גדול”or “קטן.”, and the parent or child can cut out the stickers to paste in the boxes below each object.  I made this for Naomi’s letter gimel week when she was learning alef-bais a couple of years ago.


Science / מדע

Botany / בּוֹטָנִיקָה


Plant Life Cycle / מחזור החיים של הצמח in Hebrew or English.

Parts of a Plant / חלקי הצמח poster or activity (I cut out the “labels” and had the kids glue them on – more information here)

Animals / בעלי חיים

פרפר / נמלה / פיל / צפרדע / מחזור חיים של צפרדע / חֲרָקִים
Butterfly / Ants / Elephants / Frogs / Frog Life Cycle / Insects & Insect Body Parts Poster
(see the Frogs life cycle printable in action at Lionden Landing!)
image   image image image image image

Human Body / גוף האדם

Body Systems bilingual דו-לשוני – Five senses, digestion, respiration, and more.

Bilingual / דו-לשוני

Bilingual Alef-Bet / Alef-Bais “Letter Hunt” – find the path from A to Z, or from Alef to Tav!  First page is English, second is Hebrew (paths are different).

Farm Animals -  חייות בחווה  pages:  Farm/Wild Matching, “Uses” Matching, Vocabulary


Folksongs / שירי עממי


Hebrew Folksongs Curriculum:

Learn vocabulary the fun way with this super-hot new song from Israel!


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Tzivia / צִיבְיָה

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