Missing them already

Well, okay, actually I’m not.  See their little pink plane (I coloured it to make it easier to spot), just approaching Regina?image

Fun, fun, fun!  And in a couple of weeks, they get to do the whole tedious trip again… by TRAIN.  Only instead of four hours, it’s going to take two and a half days.  Meshuggeh… but then, a) I wasn’t the one who decided it was a great plan and bought the tickets, and b) I have actually done the whole “trip across the Canadian prairies” thing, in my youth, by bus – a 50-hour trip, start to finish, so I speak from experience.

Which is how I know it is the most tedious scenery you will ever encounter unless you happen to want to cross Australia someday.

Here’s what that stretch they’re currently flying over looks like, closer up, on a satellite map:


And here’s the Google Street View, first facing west:


And now east:


Nothing, nothing, nothing… as far as the eye can see:


Shudder.  Terrible memory; days of tedium, first driving east across Canada from San Francisco, and then (dumb), heading west by bus from Toronto to Calgary – a couple of times over in one year. 

Perhaps the train trip will be more fascinating than the journey by car or bus.  At least you can get up and stretch your legs a bit.  And maybe they have somebody coming through to sell snacks, drinks, etc?  More likely, they will have WiFi and both kids will keep themselves busy for two days tootling on YM’s iPhone.


  1. I did the bus (Montreal to Banff) and train (Montreal to Vancouver). Both trips started with excitement and adventure, and ended with me thinking: "Never again".


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