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FREE Lapbook Project for Explore His Earth: A Child’s Geography

*** UPDATED with new chapter – July 3, 2012

imageWe’ve been enjoying Explore His Earth for a few months now and now that we’re through some of the duller atmosphere bits at the beginning, are actually starting to have fun.  But I decided that what this very readable text really REALLY needs is a lapbook, both for enjoyment and for reinforcement.  There are activities within the book itself, but they are a bit few and far between at the pace at which we’re reading.  I think a lapbook, a la Story of the World, will really help this stick.

I plan to create components as we read through the book, and have begun with the first four chapters, which is what we’ve covered so far.  These are VERY basic.  I haven’t provided many instructions – you may not need any, but please leave a comment if you get stuck (or if you love the lapbook)!  Be sure to link up if you have a blog with photos of your kids working on the lapbook.

Disclaimer:  As you know, I am strictly a mama homeschooling her own kids, and not affiliated with Knowledge Quest, Bramley Books, Ann Voskamp, though I’m sure all of the above totally rock.

Here’s what I’ve made so far (thumbnails and download page link below):

  • 00 - Geographical Reading List / Sticker Chart
  • 01 - The Earth, My Home
  • 01b - Papier-Mache Globe project photo
  • 02/03 - The Atmosphere
  • 02b - Good Ozone / Bad Ozone
  • 03b - The Atmosphere is a Blanket
  • 04 - Fitting Together the Puzzle
  • 05 – Our Awesome Oceans: Tanach (Bible) Copywork
  • 05 – Oceans Vocabulary
  • 05 – How Much Water?
  • 05a  – They’re All One Ocean
  • 05c – Water Cycle
  • 06 – Who controls the weather? Tanach (Bible) Copywork
  • 06 – How Close is too close?
  • 06a – The reason for the seasons!
  • 06b – The climates of the earth

Think of these components as a jumping-off point.  I’m sure you can find many other excellent lapbooking resources on the many topics covered in each chapter.  If your kids are fascinated by the atmosphere, for instance, or the continents, there are components on and other sites that will help you add more on that topic. 

I plan to update the thumbnails and components list as I create more components, so check back on this page in a few weeks to see if I’ve done more!


  • To download this and dozens of other General Studies printables, including science, art and music resources in Hebrew and English, Ambleside, composer and artist resources, click here.
  • For Limudei Kodesh (Jewish) printables – including weekly parsha copywork and holiday resources, click here.

Any and all feedback is welcome… is this exactly what you’ve been searching for???


  1. I saw that this book was written from a X-tian perspective. How much editing do you have to do with it? Does it mostly focus on G-d, or on J*? Thanks for your help.

  2. @AztecQueen2000:
    The book is VERY God-centred. Very very. Not so much the other thing. I have so far caught one Jesus-reference, a description of a puzzle that, put together, spelled his name, so I pasted over it with a homemade sticker that says the word "love" instead. ;-)
    Each chapter ends with one missionary/prayer-type page describing Christian activities related to the chapter at hand, such as corresponding with and praying for missionaries. I skip that page altogether; if you wanted, you could paste over it.
    A cursory flip through the book revealed one other J-reference, along with a NT citation, but it's on the "Christian page" dealing with earthquakes.
    Mostly, I find the content is fairly well divided into stuff I can use (the chapters themselves, which focus on God) and the Christian content page at the end of each chapter, which, as I said, we skip.
    Hope this helps!

  3. I am considering using this book with my kids in the fall. Any chance that your lapbook pages will be done by then? I love what you've done so far. Thanks!

  4. Thanks for the feedback! Honestly, it probably won't happen, both because of our move to Israel this summer, and also because we're not doing this book so much now, since there's so much overlap with our Mr Q Earth Science program. Maybe sometime next year...? :-(


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