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Peek inside the Book of Centuries… with FREE printable clip art!

I hope the world appreciates my sharing this fun resource out of the depths of the bleary delirious fevery sickness my children seem to have shared wtih me… since it’s too early to go to bed and I have to seem reasonably upright so my family doesn’t fall into chaos, I figure I’ll blog instead of collapsing.

DSC02036DSC02041Periodically, as we study composers or painters or history, we take a few minutes to add new clip art and dates to our Book of Centuries (I’m using this basic Jewish Student’s Book of the Centuries, which I created and sell right here on my site!).  I am always grateful that I had it printed on slightly heavier-than-usual paper stock (I also had it done at Kinko’s so I could be sure it would come out perfect).

By the way, though many people advise AGAINST using a Book of Centuries for younger students, because it’s not as visual as a timeline.  But we really don’t have room on our walls for a timeline, and the BOC seems to be doing extremely well. 

I keep it in a special shiny binder and I’ve make an effort to keep it special, separate from our regular schoolwork and kept extra-clean in good condition.  And it seems to be working, and reinforcing Naomi Rivka’s understanding of the history we are learning.  Now, one thing I’m not sure of is how we do this with more than one child:  when it’s time to do history with Gavriel Zev, will I print him his OWN Book of Centuries, or just add on to the one Naomi and I have created?  I will be interested in hearing what other families have done.

For now, we both really enjoy seeing who lived close together or farther apart – did you know that Pablo Picasso was born a year after Helen Keller???  We didn’t, even though we’d studied both, until we went to put in the sticker for Picasso and discovered this neat fact.

 DSC02039 DSC02040

I did buy this pre-made Timeline Sticker Pack to save work as we move through our history reading, so you’ll notice that there are significant individuals, like Hatshepsut, missing from my own clip art set, but only one page of the stickers in the pack is for Ancients, so I have had to create a lot myself anyway – including Jewish timeline stickers.  By “stickers,” I mean printable pages that we can cut out and attach with a glue stick, though if you had sticker paper, you could make them into stickers if you wanted to.

Because different families may want to customize these sheets or add on to the ones I’ve created (though I hope to update this file from time to time as well!), I’m making this available as either an easy printable PDF or an editable Word 2007 document.  If it doesn’t work with your version of Word, I’m sorry, but I can’t do anything about it. 

There are 4 pages so far that comprise an eclectic mix of ancients, moderns, authors, composers, artists, and Magic Tree House books that we ourselves have read, studied or enjoyed:


  • To download this and dozens (hundreds?) of other General Studies printables – including science, art and music resources in Hebrew and English, Ambleside, composer and artist resources, click here.
  • For Limudei Kodesh (Jewish Studies) activities including weekly parsha copywork and holiday resources, click here.


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