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Blog Keywords – Search Engine Roundup

image Did you know…

  • 63.5% of you are likely to remain here at my blog less than 5 seconds.  BYE!!!
  • The next largest group, 12.2%, stick around from 30 seconds to 5 minutes – hey, thanks!
  • 9.9% is the next-biggest, and these are the folks who apparently fall asleep at the keyboard and linger an hour or more.  Sheesh.  Even I don’t stick around that long.

image However long you stay, last month I received far more than twice as many visitors as I did LAST June, so I want to say welcome to all of you – including those last two followers who pushed me over fifty – yay!

And now – more typical roundup fare:

Whatchoo looking for???  Here are some of the winning keywords that landed you at my site and got you hooked:

  1. polygonum persicaria firetail; polygonum amplexicaulis – yup, people remain obsessed with this lovely (if weedy) perennial, which you can find referenced in this post!  Somewhat related to the VERY weedy Japanese Knotweed (which my friend Shira ingeniously crafted into a rhubarb-like dessert), this guy is actually just getting ready to flower again… and I promise I will post pictures.
  2. torat imecha, parsha – Torat Imecha, a kiddie parsha resource by Zemira Ozarowski which I said last year I was VERY IMPRESSED with, is back!!!  You can find its current incarnation here.
  3. parts of plants poems – I’m glad my plant parts poems have been popular in the homeschool world.  Feel free to print them and use them.  However, in my own home, they have gone over like a lead balloon and I keep forgetting to do science at ALL.  Blah.
  4. how to clone sweet potato vines – mine failed this year, okay???  There’s always next year, and meanwhile, check out past years’ successes.
  5. SHOFAR CRAFT – yup, I’ve got one, and it’s a cute one.  There’s also a papier mache variation.  Bit early, though, isn’t it???
  6. Depression is not a sign of weakness, it is a sign that you have been trying to be strong for too long.  Yay!  If you type this WHOLE idiotic meme phrase into Google, I am apparently the NUMBER ONE hit.  Which is good, because I’m actually talking sense, from experience, about mental illness, unlike everybody else out there.
  7. elemental science review – the homeschool world moves in waves, and when a curriculum or textbook is on top, it’s WAY on top, and nobody dares say anything against it.  Except me, and I did, and got flamed for it.  You can find out why here.
  8. Explode in mama – well, okay, I’d love to… if I could figure out what it means.  But meanwhile, why not Explode the Code???

Favourite search this time around???

+"six word" +"dvar torah" – Talk about standing on one leg!!!  You can just tell… this is a person who SERIOUSLY needs to relax and relinquish a little control.  It’s nice that if you happen to type in this search, you can find a dvar Torah here on my blog.  But it’s not likely to wrap up in six words or less.  Try Rabbi Phil Chernofsky’s Short Dvar Torahs (SDTs), part of his ongoing Torah Tidbits series. 

The most popular pages at the site remain my printables download pages.  Go ahead and check out what I’ve got; these pages have grown tremendously and I really do try to keep them organized:

  • For English, Hebrew and bilingual math and science activities, visit my general-studies downloads page here.
  • For Limudei Kodesh (Jewish Studies) printables, click here.

Of course, the stats don’t tell me WHO you are… so if you are a visitor here on purpose, I’d love it, as always, if you’d leave a comment to say Howdy!  (in honour of the Calgary Stampede, of course)

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