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Homeschool Resources Roundup: Math, Math, Math!

Hi!  Welcome to my blog!  For some reason, this entry has become one of my most popular posts of all time.  I guess because it has so many exciting homeschooly keywords, unlike most of my posts, which are just my random thoughts and musings.  Still, if you enjoy this old post, you might want to click here to get to the current stuff. :-)

(Want to see just the math???  Click here for related posts.)

image I have a file on my computer that is getting HUGE… a list of various homeschool resources, mostly printables, online.

So I thought I’d share them and, that way, I’ll also get to sort through the lists for myself and check to see which links are still working!


Unless otherwise stated, most sites offer resources for all elementary grade levels.

Esso Family Math, a complete mini-math unit for young children, from the University of Waterloo:

More Family Math resources here:

(we have done this 6-week program twice at our local library and LOVED it!)

A British site with fun numeracy tools:  image

Math lessons, printables (like mats) and more:

Tons of fun math worksheets!

Free math worksheets:

Not many, but nice quality worksheets:

Very basic worksheets (kind of dull):


MEP Math – An entire British math curriculum for FREE.  Based on a Hungarian program.  Probably as expensive as workbooks to print, but perhaps useful as a supplement if you’re only printing a few items here and there?

Many, many lesson plans and some printables, including a worksheet generator:

Searchable standards-based math lesson plans:

Math lesson plans and activities – kindergarten and beyond:


Paid site, some printables, but mostly good for inspiration:

Mostly paid site, but many great printables as well:

Math Mammoth:  many free sample pages and sheets from its curriculum – sign up for a newsletter first, and they send you the PDFs.  Worth signing up for, in my opinion (you can always unsubscribe), for the useful insights into teaching math and MANY free worksheets if you want them, along with corresponding links to Web resources:


Studying money?  Generate your own worksheets – in 5 types of currency!

Invaluable math lessons for high schoolers (this is how I figure out what my big kids are learning!):

Math worksheets in Hebrew: (I have trouble reading this site – there’s a lot there, maybe good stuff, but what I have been able to read is often not up to the quality I’m used to)

imageFinally, there are many math-related games and gadgets from this very British site…intended for use with an interactive whiteboard, but they work just fine on a home PC!  This is where I got the “scary spuds” potato head image at the top of this post!  This appealing alien named “Lecky” also puts in many an appearance in the games and activities.  Some (picture a plummy British accent here) rather useful stuff…



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