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whatevers 003 I seem to have committed to drive a neighbour to the airport at 6:30 tomorrow morning!  :-o

It just popped out, I swear!  I asked her when she was leaving, and she said she has to be at the airport by 7:15 tomorrow, and there the words were:  “I’ll drive you.”


I do all kinds of chessed (a little; sometimes) and don’t blog about it or expect sympathy or back-pats, but this is WAY above and beyond.

But that’s the deal, you see.

whatevers 002When my father took me out and bought me my first “real” car just over a decade ago, I made a deal with Hashem.  Not a Lucky Penny God kind of deal, but I felt I needed to make a real gesture of gratitude. 

So the deal was:  if anybody needs a car, and I have a car, I will use my car to help them out.  It’s the Mitzvah Car.

I have driven people and their groceries; old ladies in the rain and – only once because it’s not really appropriate – a yeshiva bochur rushing home erev Shabbos.  I have driven people to shiurim.  I have blurted out randomly that I want to help drive people all over this city, and even occasionally to other cities. 

It really is no big deal; it’s the easiest mitzvah.  I love driving, though I admit to being at times a bit of a distracted and accident-prone driver (not to mention parking tickets – but, b”h, I haven’t gotten one of those in over a year.

whatevers 004Anyway, that’s the kind of goodie-goodie that I am.  Not that I’m bragging or anything, because now I’m stuck with this stupid, stupid committment.  Erev Shabbos, yet.

Just think of me at 6:30 tomorrow morning.  I’m usually in bed then… but tomorrow I’ll be out on the 401, pushing my way through traffic and back to get to the airport by 7:15 and then to get the car home by 8:00 so Ted can take it to work so he can get home fast before Shabbos.  (he has to work ‘till 4:30 now that we’re into “summer” Shabboses – even though our shul starts Shabbos at 6:45… it’s often tight)

Oh, and the “graffiti” throughout this post was drawn by Elisheva, who is loving the sidewalk chalk this spring!  


  1. Hmm... good for you for offering to do this mitzvah, but my first thought really was "you're crazy!" But yes, it's very very sweet of you and totally in character, too.

    Tell Elisheva that I love her sidewalk graffiti.

  2. But Mitzvah is the best reason to do something sometimes! I mean, doing something for someone else because WE are grateful, makes it so meaningful. People don't always get it, but it's the same with me and the NILMDTS. I do it because I am thankful that it's never been me burying a baby. I do it because I can.

  3. Sara: Crazy, yes, fer sure. But it is a friend who does a LOT for us, plus someone who basically has no family here. I hate the idea of coming and going to airports all alone. ECH screamed at me about the graffiti, but I did it anyway. She defaces my house, I reserve the right to use MY pictures of HER art.

    Linda: Thanks for the return visit. Your post totally struck a chord with me today, as I said.
    I admit, I had to look up NILMDTS - I'm good at acronyms, but that's a new one to me. What a horrid and yet wonderful task you've taken on. My mother briefly got involved in a project her knitting sweaters for stillborn babies. She stopped; I'm not sure if the project stopped or just her willingness to be involved in something so frightening.


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