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Two more suppers and a non-sleeping baby

Wouldn't that make a great movie title???  Okay, maybe not.
Assorted notes from the Last Cold Day, which is what I'm calling today whether the weather folks agree or not.
Last night (Monday):
~ Quiche - Ted made it for Shabbos but we never served it so it was left over and whole and delicious, with a homemade whole-wheat crust!  A little on the "firm" side, but otherwise, extremely lovely
~ Ace Bakery Bread
~ Soup from a Tetra Pak
~ Frozen peas on the side (tons and tons - I way overdid it)
So I did nothing all afternoon!  Well, scanned in a bunch of banking documents I promised Mary I'd get ready for her... 24 pages and no way to automate the process (that I could find) so I did it in Picasa.
Today was Elisheva's mother-daughter lunch at school... I brought Mommy along despite Elisheva's protestations.  She's so easily embarrassed, which I remember from my own adolescence, I suppose.
And it was lovely.  The usual mix of divrei Torah, singing, technical difficulties (in this case, a swaying long-stemmed microphone that seemed to come to everybody's chest height instead of mouth height), shaky slideshow on the opposite wall, and a play featuring girls shouting so they could be heard but they are almost inaudible anyway.  It was great.  I cried, honestly, a couple of times, but luckily it was mostly dark.  They did a challah workshop and showed off a new challah-making braid shape that I want to try:  the H challah.
Who knows?  Maybe this will become my new favourite challah shape?
She (the mother doing the presentation) also said some people have the minhag to make a ladder-shaped challah before Yom Kippur, or a bird-shaped challah.  And a different minhag to make a hamentash shaped one for Purim... or one made of coiled "rope" in a triangle shape, like the noose that hanged Haman.
A "noose challah" would be cool for Purim.  I wonder if it would be too morbid???
She forget to mention my favourite:  the shlissel challah (shlissel means "key" in Yiddish) I bake the Shabbos after Pesach (or, last year, forgot to bake).  Hint:  wrap the key in tinfoil, because otherwise, a) you could accidentally not see it and bite into it, and b) otherwise the key becomes hopelessly encrusted with dough and impossible to clean.  Though I usually use keys that have no useful purpose anymore.
The theme of the lunch was Shabbos, and it actually touched me deeply, based on the passuk:  "Matanah Tovah Yesh Li Biveis Ginazi, Vishabbos Shma."  (I have a great gift in my storehouse, and its name is Shabbos)
I am pretty pro-Shabbos these days, despite a bit of a lapse last week for Toronto's annual Seedy Saturday, which was held within walking distance and became too great a temptation not to go to... I did go; enough said.  It was a lovely (if cold) day for walking)
Anyway, tonight's supper (Tuesday):
~ Crockpot BBQ chicken (loosely based on this recipe)
~ Hmm... rice?  Some other side dish?
~ Veg?
~ Soup?  Oy, we ate at Mommy's last Shabbos, so no leftover soup.  Maybe I'll make something now.  Ha ha.
Spent most of the afternoon driving Sara down to work... she babysat while I went to this mother/daughter thing.
Gavriel Zev fell asleep in the car despite ALL of the following:  shouting at him to stay awake, passing him pretzels and a hanger to play with, rolling down his window to make a cold breeze, and turning on rowdy music.
So, of course, the minute I put him down in his crib - gently, gently! - he woke right up (taking off the snowsuit didn't help, I guess), so I gave him nummies.  And now he's in his crib playing because he figures he's slept already.  For literally FOUR minutes, from St Clair and Bathurst to home.


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