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Still winter!

What a dark and dreary rainy night for wintersowing!

~ Drumstick Allium
~ Grape Hyacinth (from seed... weird)
~ White Echinacea (I have some already but love them)
~ White Astilbe
~ Amaranthus Velvet Curtains

I seem to have run out of the nice big square nursery pots - probably have a bazillion more in the garage - NOTE TO SELF: organize pots in the fall next year!!!

So now I am down to using little dinky 4" geranium-type pots. Ugh. And whatever else I can get my hands on... one big pot with a baggie stretched over, held with an elastic band. One plastic container that some hamentashen came in today (we couldn't eat the hamentashen, as they didn't have a hechsher and we didn't know where they came from...).

Indoors, I sowed some coleus today in mushroom "flats" - those little blue tubs that mushrooms come in. We'll see how those do! Last year, the coleus seeds sprouted but never did much... I hope to get at least one interesting new kind that way this year, though I don't think much of propagating coleus by seed, honestly. Cuttings are so crazy-easy!

Here are what I think are my 2009 wintersowing totals so far, including today... though I think there are some I haven't mentioned. Will have to check & update tomorrow if so:

~ Children's garden Zebra
~ Children's garden Roma
~ 3x unknown tomato (frozen, can't read the labels)
~ From Roma Paste
~ From San Romano
~ From SubArctic Plenty
~ From Brandywine
~ From Isis Candy

~ Ice ballet (incarnata)
~ Red/yellow mix
~ Silkweed (asclepias curassavica)
~ Pink butterfly weed
~ Pink butterfly flower (probably one and the same)

~ Aquilegia Lime Sorbet
~ My own orange/red from saved seed in the front garden
~ One unknown columbine (frozen, can't read label)
~ Casa Loma columbine

Veg & Herbs:
~ 4 x onions, bunching
~ Thyme (serpyllum, decorative only)
~ Thyme (eatin' thyme!)
~ Parsley

~ I forget but I'll check tomorrow when it's not so cold out!
~ Belamcanda chinensis
~ Gaillardia "Torchlight"
~ Rudbeckia Goldsturm
~ Drumstick Allium
~ Grape Hyacinth
~ White Echinacea
~ White eBay Astilbe
~ Amaranthus "Velvet Curtains"
~ Iffy eBay chamomile
~ Amaranthus pot #2, because I love it so!

Total = 37 wintersown pots - YAY!
Again, not bad, not bad, not bad.

(edited t0 add 2 more March 12)
The NFB is having free animation workshops in a couple of weeks, and one is on a Monday evening, which is Sara's night off (she works Monday during the day instead). So I signed her and me up for one and left her a message asking if she was interested. Backwards, I know, but she's been kinda glum lately, and I didn't want to lose the spot. I called within half an hour of receiving the email info. Sounds like a bit of fun and a heck of an occasion to grab some coffee or whatever, before or after.

But THEN, when I checked the calendar, after reserving our spots, it turns out Ted's working that night. Oy. Maybe I'll ask my mother to babysit. Or maybe Sara can babysit!

They said "no animators" on the invitation to the workshop, so I couldn't have taken Ted along anyway!

In case you're wondering, by the way, the website, if I recall correctly, says you can still wintersow as long as the evenings are more-than-shirtsleeves chilly. So there is still time even if you've never wintersown before!

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