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We're sleep-training the baby...

So if Ted looks more tired than usual, that's why.  :-)
Bought one more Miracle Blanket because I love them.  That makes four, but one seems to have gone permanently missing.  Four and a half months is late to be swaddling, but he seems to really love it.  The blanket comes with a warning not to use it for more than something like eleven hours a day.  BUT we use it for every single sleep, which adds up to way more... still, he seems to be developing okay, and I hope it will see us through sleep-training.
What is sleep training?
Basically, I sleep in the living room and Ted's on his own.  I got sick of being an all-night nummies factory, especially for a baby who doesn't really seem to need it.  He just latches on and dozes off... he'll swallow if the stuff is pouring down his throat, but otherwise, doesn't make much of an effort.
Last night went well (shouldn't say anything yet, though).  I woke the baby to feed him at around 12:30, the settled him back into bed.  He woke up at about 5 and cried for 5-10 minutes.  I woke up briefly and heard him crying, then drifted off again... what a wonderful, caring parent.  But Ted looked well-enough rested, too.  After that, the baby slept until almost seven.  Yay!  Hope this means things will go smoothly...
Early supper tonight because Elisheva has her program at 6 at Yorkdale and I have swimming at 6 with Naomi.  And then I'm out doing a parent-volunteer thing for Elisheva's school.  Have not volunteered enough yet this year and if I don't, they'll bill me again at the end of the year.
Early Supper:  (must be ready by 5 on the dot)
Quiches (two) - tomato (diced from a tin because I thought we had no fresh veg in the house) and baby spinach (because it turned out Ted had dropped off some veggies right on the table where of course I missed seeing them)
Roasted wedge potatoes - yummy, with the skin on for a change!
Whatever-veggie-is-in-the-freezer - nuked with water and salt
Brownie-mix cookies - super-easy:  mix up any brownie mix with slightly less water than the recipe calls for.  Add choco chips if not included.  Make into cookies, bake at 375 for 10 minutes (chewy) or 12 minutes (crispy).  Makes exactly 2 dozen I'm using the Ghirardelli Brownie Mix we bought at Costco - mmm...
Starch, starch, starch... oh, plus sugar.  But it fills everybody's tummies, cheaply and everybody complains if we veer too far off the beaten path.
We have become a two-quiche family... two is too many for one meal, but one is definitely Not Enough anymore.
The happy news from my downstairs grow-op is that something is sprouting!  I planted dill and basil; I didn't label them because I was feeling adventurous.  One is sprouting like crazy, the other, not at all yet.  There is also a weird tiny white wormy thing I have seen in the soil of the one that's sprouting.  I have only seen one, but I've spotted it twice (or maybe it was different worms each time) - no idea what it is, but it grosses me out...
Also, the baskets are sprouting - I have "salad mix" and alfalfa sprouts, both from Mumm's, from seed I ordered last year.  I was excited about basket sprouting but the baskets grew crazy mold when I tried it upstairs.  Downstairs, they're right next to the dehumidifier, and I think it makes a difference.  This old house & its various mold issues ... ugh.
Cookies about to beep - must run!
Aaargh... where is the milchig cooling rack?  It came with the set of nonstick pans we got at the same Costco trip as the brownie mix, but it keeps getting put away with all the other racks, which are all fleishig!  And now my lovely cookies are cooling in a tinfoil pan instead of on a proper rack.  I used my new birthday silpat for the first time - it doesn't fit in the baking pan so I had to flip the pan over and put the silpat on the bottom.  The cookies are unnaturally smooth & shiny on their bottoms, but NO STICKING!


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