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Hineni: Here I am. A Shemos dvar Torah for my father’s 10th yahrzeit

In this week’s parsha, Moshe proves he’s ahead of his time, most strikingly in the first question he asks when he starts addressing Hashem.When Hashem calls to Moshe from the bush, Moshe responds wit… Read more

Hanukkah and the Holocaust: What stories are we telling our Jewish kids?

If, as Jewish parents, we care so much about sharing Judaism with our kids, why aren’t we doing it through the books we read them??? Only slightly frustrated by a flood of Chanukah books coming at me… Read more

Moments of regret: Small, medium, large

Maybe regret isn't the right word.  But I’ll use it here anyway.
Because here in this dark, dark, cold time of year, I'm finding myself deluged with it -- three moments of regret, large and s… Read more

Introducing… the parsha book you never knew you needed: The Rhyming Torah

You know how we're supposed to be modest and not go shouting our accomplishments from the rooftops?Well, sometimes, I'm a little too modest.  And then I need a talking-to from my miniature So… Read more

Carless whispers: Leaving the family car, and the Mom on Wheels, behind

It's been five years since we gave up the family car.
Sometimes I don't think about that huge change, because it came at a time of so many other huge changes in our lives.  But I realized tod… Read more

Why I keep 2 days of Rosh Hashanah, even in Israel (a dvar Torah)

One of the main differences between Rosh Hashanah and other Yamim Tovim is that we keep 2 days, even in eretz Yisrael. And I think many of us realize this is connected to another difference between R… Read more

A little one, a wallet

Spotted this lying on the table last night. Recognize it?Right—it’s a wallet. Specifically, it’s a kid’s wallet, my kid’s. My baby’s wallet, property of my 10-year-old baby boy. Which is hilarious, i… Read more

Picture Book Unboxing! Fast Asleep in a Little Village in Israel

It’s finally here!!!  These are my advance author copies.  The actual book is being released exactly two years from when I submitted it to Apples & Honey Press, which is almost lightning speed in… Read more

The annual summer-schooling post: 5778 edition!

Well, we're back in the homeschooling saddle, if only for a few days before I'm heading off on a crazy-stupid two-day gallivant across Europe.The entire month before summer vacation, every Is… Read more

Who's YOUR tribe? Finding yourself in a crowd

Have you ever had the feeling that you completely belong someplace?Before we left Toronto, I got to go to the Torah homeschooling conference twice.  And the biggest thing I felt, both times I walked … Read more

Is Kiruv a lie? Does it drive people away from Judaism…? (Hint: No, it doesn’t.)

In an article at Pop Chassid, Elad Nehorai wrote – with a big headline – “Kiruv is a lie.”Why?  Because it creates the illusion that Judaism is “fun” or “easy.”  Because it lures people in with songs… Read more

Sydney Taylor Award 2018 BLOG TOUR: Drop by Drop, A Story of Rabbi Akiva, by Jacqueline Jules / Yevgenia Nayberg

Welcome to visitors here with the Sydney Taylor Award blog tour!  You can find a full list of hosts and featured books at the Association of Jewish Libraries site.  There are some amazing selections … Read more

Freedom, Imprisonment and Redemption: The Naïve Idealism of the Torah–a dvar Torah (ish) for late Bereishis / early Shemos / Bo

In historical Judaism, freedom and imprisonment are just two sides of the same möbius strip. Inner and outer freedom is the prime concept of the Torah and of Jewish tradition. Yet in Judaism, freedom… Read more

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