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A Phone Call from the Matzah Man

Another one from the archives…It’s done! Once again, this year, I've been putting it off and putting it off, and now, at last, it's done. It's a week before Purim, and the shemurah matzos… Read more

The Year Yom Kippur began on Purim

That Purim was bitterly cold. I was newly divorced with two babies, scared and lonely and tired. I probably wasn't thinking straight, but all I knew was I couldn't afford a babysitter for the… Read more

The Big Bat (very short and somewhat bilingual divrei Torah)

So the Rony Pony baby is… um, not exactly a baby anymore?When did that happen?  We just woke up one day and – well – you know.  All the cliche stuff.  It’s all true.I started this blog, of course, to… Read more

Taking Time Off to (not) Write

Everyone knows writers write -- every day. So how are writers supposed to deal with Shabbos – a day that comes once a week, always at the worst possible time, interrupting the “flow” and standing in … Read more

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