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Spiderman vs the Math Frogs (a small math lesson in humility)

Just in case we needed more reminders that what works for one kid does NOT work for others… with Naomi Rivka, manipulatives were the thing for math.  What she sees when she sees the math frogs is “MA… Read more

Parsha Skills Worksheets – Shelach

Haven’t done one of these in a good while, but at least I have come up with a catchy name for them:  Parsha Skills Worksheets (click to see previous worksheets).My goal with these is to introduce som… Read more

Impressions Part III – Torah Home Ed Conference, the sessions

First of all, one of my biggest happy impressions – as always, when speaking to homeschoolers in the US – was, thank goodness I live in Canada!  While other people talk about curriculum and reporting… Read more

The Family Torah: BUY MY BOOK! (and an FAQ)

Never rains but it pours, and after weeks of neglecting this blog, I have poured my heart out today, trying to capture all my impressions of the homeschool conference before they’re gone.But I do wa… Read more

Impressions Part II – Torah Home Ed Conference

Oy, vey!  Vendors, Curriculum, Yay!I’ve already posted about everything BUT the conference.  Turns out, there is just too much to say to put even the conference stuff into a single post.  So I’ll sta… Read more

Seen these? Frum toys, a rant

These just popped up in an ad on a frum site:  Binyan Blocks.(I like how they coyly say it’s “compatible with other leading brands.”  That means Lego.)It’s a cute idea, except that in a $65 set of 77… Read more

Impressions Part I – Torah Home Ed Conference

So this is a whirlwind of impressions from the last whirlwind 5 days of travel…  I just want to get some thoughts down before Life gets in the way.  First of all, if you’re visiting this blog for the… Read more

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