Parsha Skills Worksheets – Shelach

Haven’t done one of these in a good while, but at least I have come up with a catchy name for them:  Parsha Skills Worksheets (click to see previous worksheets).

My goal with these is to introduce some basic Chumash vocabulary and grammar (to kids AND their parents!), reinforce it through fun activities, and give kids the confidence to read/write an actual passuk from each weekly parsha.  Somebody at the Torah Home Ed Conference mentioned dictation, and although I hadn’t given it much thought in connection with these, it seems like a fairly natural progression, so I have added a note at the end of the last page, following the “spelling test” (which is in itself a form of dictation): 

If student is very comfortable with the vocabulary, dictate the copywork verse to him/her. Read it aloud twice first, very slowly.
Then, let the student write (on a lined page) as much as he/she remembers. Praise the student for effort, not exact duplication of the passuk.

By the way, I present these pages in the order of “get ready” (introducing words / grammar), “get set” (fun activities), then “go!” (reading the actual passuk).  With a child who’s more confident, you may wish to start with the “go!” section, then read “get ready” together and leave him/her to work independently on “get set” on his/her own.

Here’s a sample of what-all is in parshas Shelach:

image image


image image

Okay, actually, that’s NOT a sample – that’s the whole thing.  If you like what you see and want to try all/part of it with your kids, go right ahead.  Just PLEASE leave feedback about what works or doesn’t work, so I can keep on making these better.  :-)

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