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For anyone who’s used my Parsha Overview sheets with their kids at any point:

If you could "fix" one thing about them, it would be to make them more... (fill in the blank with as much or as little as you want!)

I’m in the process of pulling these together into a book (I’m only 9 parshiyos short, but the style is veeeeery uneven so it’s going to be a BIG job – one I hope to have finished in time to sell the book form at the Torah Home Education conference in May!), and any insight you guys could provide would be very, very helpful!


p.s. I know this is the most neglected of all my blogs at the moment – I’m baking up a storm, and we’re all charged up about Israel and guess what’s going by the wayside – regular daily life!!!


  1. No fixes here, except to say that i would LOVE to have them in book format! Will they be available online, as well?

  2. Hi, Devory!
    The way it's looking right now, it will be a hard copy published on Amazon. We are in the middle of making aliyah, and if this is a viable thing that I can sell for a reasonable price, I owe it to my family to derive some income for it...


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