FREE “On Pesach” Printable Easy Reader Mini-Book!

My gift to you… just like the ones I did last year for Chanukah and for Shavuos!

This one has a five senses theme… with the usual sweet, sticky ending, of course.

To receive a free PDF of this very simple print-cut-staple easy reader for Pesach, featuring all the usual cute “borrowed” Internet graphics you have come to love from my printables, please email me directly at Jay3fer “at” gmail “dot” com, and I’ll pass it along!  You can also just leave a comment here with your email address – I won’t publish your address.

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Sorry, it’s not direct-downloadable this time. That’s my gift to myself: a few times a year, I like to meet you, and find out who’s reading and using these things.

(Just wanted to add:  I won't collect your name or email address in a mailing list or anything.  I just honestly like to know who's reading and using this stuff, because usually, all I get are download statistics)

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  1. I am so looking forward to reading your blog! - Victoria


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