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Don’t Jump

This was going to be a “sheesh – some people” post about rudeness.  But then I figured it should be about something bigger, which is “conclusions, and the people who jump to them.”You probably know t… Read more

Dear Pesach Pot

I’ve heard it said that opening up the boxes of Pesach dishes is like meeting old friends.  But you don’t look familiar at all.You could be one of the two pots I referred to scrubbing and toivelling Read more

Finished the (5773) Pesach Lapbook!

Okay, I  lied.  This is the 5771 lapbook, revisited 2 years later.  But still – come explore it with us: the kids are super-excited at how well it turned out!We had SOooo much stuff to stick inside t… Read more

Take a picture of ME! (math happiness)

I was snapping pics of the lapbook to share here (that’ll be my next post) when GZ said, “Take a picture of my work!”  I said, “your Mathematical Reasoning?”  He said yes.  He loves this book; I’ve w… Read more

Meeting Jesus – Christianity & my Jewish children

Today, in Story of the World history, we finally came to a chapter I have been giving much thought since I first flipped through the book well over a year ago:  The Beginning of Christianity.  The wh… Read more

Cranky Complaints-Lady… can’t get a DATE?!?

A few weeks ago, the Canadian Museum of Civilization (in Ottawa) announced that it was going back to BC (before Christ) and AD (anno domini, “the year of our Lord”) for dates on anything “intended fo… Read more

Just enough time for… a lapbook!

Yes, there is just enough time between now and Pesach to put together a lapbook.  Sure, it’s the exact same one we did two years ago (didn’t do one last year).  But to an 8-year-old, 2 years is a qua… Read more

Quick Healthy Snack Cheap – Oven-Toasted Nori

They sell all these "seasoned nori snacks" in health-food stores but a) they're way overpackaged, and b) none have a hechsher. And now, I can add reason c) - mine taste way better!  (I’… Read more

Yup, that’s me!

…In my dreams, maybe!!!  A friend shared a link to this one-click app that will determine your personality based on things you’ve “liked” on facebook.  She said, “wow. this was right on. You should t… Read more

Blown it? or, the end of parenting

If you live in Toronto, you know that this is the bronze Jacob Wrestling sculpture that sat outside the JCC on Bathurst Street forever.Every morning, forever, long ago, I’d stumble in semi-darkness a… Read more

FREE Printable Pesach “Chad Gadya” Masks & Tunes

Hand-drawn by my friend Shira, these are ten simple masks (only 4 shown here) that you can print out and have your kids colour.  (the tunes I mentioned are not printable, but you can scroll down to f… Read more

My Mother’s Rules for Living

While we were away, my mother left the following instructions for living at our house.  I assume they were tacked up somewhere prominent when she did that, but by the time we got home, the note itsel… Read more

FREE “On Pesach” Printable Easy Reader Mini-Book!

My gift to you… just like the ones I did last year for Chanukah and for Shavuos! This one has a five senses theme… with the usual sweet, sticky ending, of course. To receive a free PDF of this very… Read more

Bright Beginnings Chumash – Part 2???

Yes, indeed; you heard that right… exactly what I’ve been hoping for:  I got an email late last night suggesting that Part 2 is officially in the works!Apparently, the new volume “covers the rest of … Read more

Quick Question…

For anyone who’s used my Parsha Overview sheets with their kids at any point:If you could "fix" one thing about them, it would be to make them more... (fill in the blank with as much or as … Read more

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