Dear Pesach Pot

IMG_00000979I’ve heard it said that opening up the boxes of Pesach dishes is like meeting old friends.  But you don’t look familiar at all.

IMG_00000978You could be one of the two pots I referred to scrubbing and toivelling in this post.

I know you were put away with the fleishik dishes, carefully, nestled in a box so huge it collapsed when I tried to carry it up the stairs.  And yes, the lid was in the box, too.  But I have no memory of buying you, using you, washing you or putting you away.

Perhaps that’s because you’re an imposter… a dairy pot stuck in the wrong box.  But that’s not likely – Ted is very, very good at keeping things separate.  More likely, Pesach and the weeks before and after it are such a blur that big soup pots can sneak around doing what they like and nobody notices.  Certainly, the children all do the same at this time of year.

Product IllustrationNote to self for future years:  keep out the kosher kitchen stickers until the Pesach kitchen is completely set up!!!

p.s. I opened the box of fleishik cutlery and found a whole sheet of kosher kitchen stickers packed away in there – apparently, I have muttered this “note to self” before as well, and actually LISTENED to myself.  Yay, me!


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