Just enough time for… a lapbook!

IMG_00000941IMG_00000944Yes, there is just enough time between now and Pesach to put together a lapbook.  Sure, it’s the exact same one we did two years ago (didn’t do one last year).  But to an 8-year-old, 2 years is a quarter of her life and she has almost no recollection of working on the same bits way back then.  And two years ago, Gavriel Zev was 3, and didn’t really participate at all.

(By the way, you can buy the Pesach lapbook yourself THIS WEEK ONLY at a special discount by clicking this link.)

Looking at those old pictures now, I can really see what a difference it makes to use brightly-coloured paper instead of just printing the whole thing out on white paper and cardstock.  I’m not rushing out to buy multicolour cardstock, but we do have some brights here still (probably from the same package), and lapbooking is the best possible use for it, since the mini-books stand out so well when they’re done with different papers.

Only problem is that all our glue sticks seem to have disappeared, so we’re having to brush on the glue with paint brushes.  How very old-fashioned!

It’s nice to see how proud they are of their work, and of what they’re learning.  Contemplating the imminent end of our homeschooling journey, I have become very reflective… and also very, very grateful for every day we share together.

Which doesn’t mean nothing else is getting done this week.  I plan to keep up math as well, because we missed last week due to March break camps, and we’ll be missing more time next week due to Pesach.  So math and lapbook it is – just the basics.

Do you do school right up until Yom Tov, or call it quits early so you can prepare???


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