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One last, truly fabulous meal in Israel – uno, Tel Aviv (and a not-so-fabulous beverage in the air)

Not only didn’t we have a reservation, we weren’t even planning to end up in Tel Aviv.  Yet we ended up having what was – while I won’t call it “the meal of a lifetime” – a truly mind-blowing, delici… Read more

Cranky Complaints Lady takes on… Tevye!

You tell me.  Maybe I’m just especially tired, but I’m not sure if I was right to complain or if I should just drop this.  Read on and let me know.I got an email the other day from the Stratford Fest… Read more

An oBLOGatory visit...

Always both bizarre and fun meeting f2f with blog-friends, whether those who simply read mine or those I read and enjoy.

Batya of me-ander (no good way to paste links, so here you go...  Find her you… Read more

Small holy land typos, part ha-shniyah

Not to nitpick or find fault, you understand.  I love it here!  Plus, the meraglim did that and then had to wait 40 years to make aliyah... 

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Israel Photo o' day - "don't go there"

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The joy of small typos in israel

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Kosher Cooking Carnival: Mishenichnas Adar Edition

Welcome to the Adar 1st / February 11, 2013 edition of kosher cooking carnival-kcc.   I think this is my FIFTH time hosting the kcc and I assure you, it will be my most slapdash, despite the infinite… Read more

And… we’re live!!! Come buy THE MARROR MAN for Pesach!

Thrilled to bits to announce that my first REAL book, The Marror Man, is now for sale live on was looking for other ways to distribute it, but at the moment, due to the small size of the b… Read more

Pesach book – The Marror Man – COMING SOON!

I am SO excited to be working on this amazing Lulu book project that I couldn’t wait until after Shabbos to tell you about it! I wrote this story for Pesach last year, but it’s been almost completely… Read more

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