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One last, truly fabulous meal in Israel – uno, Tel Aviv (and a not-so-fabulous beverage in the air)

Not only didn’t we have a reservation, we weren’t even planning to end up in Tel Aviv.  Yet we ended up having what was – while I won’t call it “the meal of a lifetime” – a truly mind-blowing, delicious food experience. We got to the airport from Nahariya by train four hours early for our flight, hoping to at least check our bags so we wouldn’t have to shlep them around.  But it turns out Delta didn’t open up until 9 pm (for a 12:40 flight), so we were stuck with the bags and time on our hands. So… off we went, by train, back into Tel Aviv.  Not knowing the city at all (having done zero research), I picked a station (one of 4 stops in TA) that sounded central:  Tel Aviv Savidor Centre. In the five or ten minutes we had of good-quality Israeli train wifi, I pulled up a map of the station (not as easy as it sounds on my little BlackBerry Playbook!!!) and googled “Top Five Kosher Restaurants Tel Aviv” and came up with this article , which listed five addresses, none of which I had ever

Cranky Complaints Lady takes on… Tevye!

You tell me.  Maybe I’m just especially tired, but I’m not sure if I was right to complain or if I should just drop this.  Read on and let me know. I got an email the other day from the Stratford Festival , which is a Big Deal here.  Toronto has plays and culture and whatnot, but Stratford, an hour and a half away, is one of Canada’s premier cultural festivals (with such a long season - from April to November – that it feels more like a permanent fixture).  Anyhoo. Last year, I took Elisheva to see Much Ado About Nothing there, because I got a notice of $10 school and homeschool performances.  $10!  It was fun.  The drive was long, yes, but my mother stayed with the little kids and we had a decent time. So yesterday, I got an email from them and noticed that one of the $10 shows was Fiddler on the Roof .  Well, yay!  Right?  I emailed my family right away asking who wanted to come with us.  A Thursday in May, easy!  I even checked to make sure it was after Lag b’Omer so we could l

An oBLOGatory visit...

Always both bizarre and fun meeting f2f with blog-friends, whether those who simply read mine or those I read and enjoy. Batya of me-ander (no good way to paste links, so here you go...  Find her yourself here: blog fame (among other things) has been a longstanding fixture in my blog world if only for making life in Israel seem so beautiful mundane and yet a more purposeful (if I may) meandering than one might experience outside of Israel - or perhaps in some other parts of Israel.  A longtime olah, Batya is passionate about where she lives, which is Shiloh, in what the international community would have you believe is a "settlement" and not a home.  Her other blog (and oh, it is so hard to paste a link, so please find it yourself) is called Shiloh Musings, where you can read all about that particular passion.  Batya's also the lady behind the weekly Haveil Havalim and monthly Kosher Cooking Carnival blog carnivals. But enough about

Small holy land typos, part ha-shniyah

Not to nitpick or find fault, you understand.  I love it here!  Plus, the meraglim did that and then had to wait 40 years to make aliyah... 

Israel Photo o' day - "don't go there"

The joy of small typos in israel

Kosher Cooking Carnival: Mishenichnas Adar Edition

Welcome to the Adar 1st / February 11, 2013 edition of kosher cooking carnival-kcc.   I think this is my FIFTH time hosting the kcc and I assure you, it will be my most slapdash, despite the infinite and amazing potential of an Adar-themed carnival.  However, it would not be complete without a theme at all.  Rather than reaching around to come up with one, which would take more than thirty seconds, I’m going to pick the most obvious:  this month’s theme is… costumes!  Specifically, pictures of me and my family in costumes that I can find in one quick Google search.  Sort of like… the many faces of US.  Enjoy!   general kosher cooking Quick lazy-mama tip:  Just throw a whole bunch of orange things on them and tell them they’re a BIG carrot! Lady-Light presents Tikkun Olam: Don't Eat to Live, Part II posted at Tikkun Olam , saying, "Doesn't seem to relate to any category; it was suggested I post to KCC, so I am. Maybe the information can be used by someone."

And… we’re live!!! Come buy THE MARROR MAN for Pesach!

Thrilled to bits to announce that my first REAL book, The Marror Man, is now for sale live on . I was looking for other ways to distribute it, but at the moment, due to the small size of the book (under the 24-page minimum), Amazon isn’t possible.  In any event, since it would take 6-8 weeks to get it up on, this is what it is for the time being.  I have been amazed both with the print quality and the shipping speed from Lulu.  That’s thanks, in part, to their distributed printing network – they print books you order, on demand, as close to your address as possible.  Mine have been generally arriving within a week. Torontonians:  I am working on local sales channels, and if you have any ideas or would like to place a bulk order, please let me know. Funds raised from the sale of this book will be earmarked towards our upcoming aliyah expenses.  So you’ll be doing the tremendous mitzvah of helping our family do the tremendous mitzvah of “dwelling in the palace.”

Pesach book – The Marror Man – COMING SOON!

I am SO excited to be working on this amazing Lulu book project that I couldn’t wait until after Shabbos to tell you about it! I wrote this story for Pesach last year, but it’s been almost completely overhauled and I’ve had awesome professional illustrations created to go along with the text. It is being professionally printed on demand at and will be available for sale there hopefully by the end of the weekend along with another book by moi .  I have been very impressed with the print quality of these Lulu books, PLUS, because they ship from various locations, I hope you’ll be able to get it cheaper than if I was having to mail everything via Canada Post. Check out this beautiful glossy cover:   The interior is printed in black and white to keep costs down:       As a bonus in the weeks leading up to Pesach, I will also be offering free PDF colouring pages of all the illustrations with proof of book purchase. Oooh… in case you can’t tell, I’m really excited!!!