Cranky Complaints-Lady Buys BOOKS! (or tries to)

An oBLOGatory visit...

Always both bizarre and fun meeting f2f with blog-friends, whether those who simply read mine or those I read and enjoy.

Batya of me-ander (no good way to paste links, so here you go...  Find her yourself here: blog fame (among other things) has been a longstanding fixture in my blog world if only for making life in Israel seem so beautiful mundane and yet a more purposeful (if I may) meandering than one might experience outside of Israel - or perhaps in some other parts of Israel.  A longtime olah, Batya is passionate about where she lives, which is Shiloh, in what the international community would have you believe is a "settlement" and not a home.  Her other blog (and oh, it is so hard to paste a link, so please find it yourself) is called Shiloh Musings, where you can read all about that particular passion.  Batya's also the lady behind the weekly Haveil Havalim and monthly Kosher Cooking Carnival blog carnivals.

But enough about Batya... Oh, wait - I never did tell you why I mention her.  You probably never would have guessed in a million years, but yes, it's true... We MET.  F2F!  On a sunny afternoon on my way into town and her way out, our paths just happened to cross.

And it was a beautiful thing, despite Ted asking repeatedly how I knew this person we were waiting for and sort of sighing like, oh, another one of these goose chases, when I said I didn't...

But now I do - and here we are!

We made her late for her grandkid and she was gracious enough to pretend it was Egged's fault... So all in all, a lovely and successful f2f!  She, by the way, was totally blase about the whole thing (sorry french people - cannot type accents on this thing!).  Like the Eiffel Tower of the Israel blog scene,  everybody loves to have their picture taken next to her. ;-)