And… we’re live!!! Come buy THE MARROR MAN for Pesach!

Thrilled to bits to announce that my first REAL book, The Marror Man, is now for sale live on

The Marror Man

I was looking for other ways to distribute it, but at the moment, due to the small size of the book (under the 24-page minimum), Amazon isn’t possible.  In any event, since it would take 6-8 weeks to get it up on, this is what it is for the time being.  I have been amazed both with the print quality and the shipping speed from Lulu.  That’s thanks, in part, to their distributed printing network – they print books you order, on demand, as close to your address as possible.  Mine have been generally arriving within a week.

Torontonians:  I am working on local sales channels, and if you have any ideas or would like to place a bulk order, please let me know.

Funds raised from the sale of this book will be earmarked towards our upcoming aliyah expenses.  So you’ll be doing the tremendous mitzvah of helping our family do the tremendous mitzvah of “dwelling in the palace.”

Pretty please.


  1. Really simple to order too! Looking forward to getting our copy :)

  2. Well, it would sound totally cheesy to say "thank you for your support," but... Well... Tough noogies. Thank you for your support. This was a real boost on a sniffly day. :-)


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