Brand-New, Super-Cool, Awesome LAND OF ISRAEL Lapbook

Here’s what’s included:

Israel collage

(components are scrambled, and so do not appear to scale in the collage!)

Utterly exhausted from finishing and posting this thing, so I’m just copying and pasting the description I wrote for its CurrClick sales page:

Come lapbook through the modern Land of Israel with these 26 delightful mini-books!  This lapbook includes a detailed 13-page guide to "Teaching Through the Israel Lapbook" (including web links), along with the following 26 mini-books ready for you and your child to fill in together:

Physical Details

1.            Three Continents

2.            Map / Regions

3.            Bodies of Water

4.            How Big is Israel…?


5.            Three Faiths

6.            Israel’s Holy Places

The Country

7.            Israeli Flag

8.            State Symbol of Israel

9.            Leaders

10.          The Knesset

11.          Quick Israel Facts

Modern Hebrew

12.          All About Me… in Hebrew!

13.          Hebrew Vocabulary

14.          Read Around Israel

Biblical Connection

15.          Israel In the Bible

16.          “Milk and Honey” Copywork

17.          Seven Special Species

18.          Holidays

B’kayf = Have fun!

19.          Israel’s Animal Species

20.          Shapes of Israel

21.          Getting to Israel              

22.          Famous Israelis

23.          Hatikvah

24.          Prayer for Israel

25.          A Great Israeli

26.          Reading Log

Suitable for a Jewish or non-Jewish family, this lapbook will allow you to engage your children interactively - using the teaching tips provided, along with the texts and websites of your choice - in authentic Israeli and Jewish traditions, creating a project you can both be proud to show off!

Come take the first step on your Israel journey!

In case you missed the links, here’s one last link to take you to the sales page for the Israel lapbook

New for this lapbook, I have also prepared a fully-stocked Amazon store where I have selected Israel-related books to read with your kids as you lapbook along.  As always when I provide Amazon links, you don’t have to BUY the books suggested; I usually find most of our books through our local public library.

And now… Goodnight!


  1. WOW! How on earth do you have the time? :) :) :)

  2. Um, did you see the time stamp???

  3. This is amazing! I did a semester abroad in Israel during my college years!
    I write a homeschool blog & have recently started a weekly link up called Share It Saturday. I would love to have you stop by and participate! While you are there, be sure to also add your blog to the homeschool blog list. :) Thanks!


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