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Cranky Complaints-Lady confronts… highway robbery

Well, for a change, this bill may actually not be my fault, but I promised my mother I’d get to the bottom of it anyway.  Recently, she got a collection letter for $70-something from 407 ETR, the nic… Read more

Oliver’s Labels Updated REVIEW and Giveaway!

*** UPDATE!  We have a winner – Yosefa of Cooking Outside the Box!!!  Always nice to share with another food blogger…Back in January of 2011, I first had the good fortune to review Oliver’s Labels pr… Read more

Stamping Stars for Parshas Devarim!

As I seem to say often, this craft is a little late for this year, but on the bright side, it’s WAAAAAY early for next year!ה' אֱלֹקֵיכֶם הִרְבָּה אֶתְכֶם וְהִנְּכֶם הַיּוֹם כְּכוֹכְבֵי הַשָּׁמַי… Read more

Short Parsha Riddles: Devarim / דְּבָרִים

דְּבָרִים / Devarim / Deuteronomy 1:1-3:22Click for printable PDF version.Don’t forget to read this week’s Parsha Poem AAACK! NO PARSHA POEM! (I think only 1 or 2 are missing at this point from the e… Read more

Shabbos Erev Tisha b’Av: What “R” you eating?

Here’s our food plan, for a full 3-meal Shabbos to go into the fast!  If you’re not sure what Tisha b’Av is (and also, perhaps, what Wikipedia is, because I’m sure there’s good information over there… Read more

Work in Progress Sunday: Finished Softie BRAG!

Okay, so I know this isn’t a crafts blog, but it’s MY blog, so bear with me here as I brag for a second about this little guy, who turned out to be a bit of a pain to create.  It’s supposed to be a s… Read more

Devarim Parsha Summary: Learning to walk, with Moshe

This is a basic overview of the parsha story in a format that can be adapted for a wide range of ages. Sources include parsha text, commentaries and midrash.  When introducing midrash or other non-ps… Read more

Haveil Havalim #369

Lucky me!  It’s my first time hosting the weekly Haveil Havalim - a carnival of Jewish and Israeli blogs.The Haveil Havalim blog carnival was founded by Soccer Dad and every week a different blogger … Read more

Quick Kitchen Tip: Running out of toasted sesame oil?

This is one important staple if you’re thinking of cooking anything even remotely Asian-inspired.  But sometimes, we don’t plan ahead and run out.So!Once you’ve poured off the last drops, grab your t… Read more

Easy last-minute (pareve) Shabbos brittle!

Update:  Feb 2015
This post has been moved to my spiffy new food blog.  Come join me over there! Read more

Is Judaism a “religion of peace”?

This week’s parsha, Matos, includes a command to wipe out the women and children of Midian.  Shocking, yes, and disappointing, perhaps, to those of us with “modern sensibilities.”  Still, I must disa… Read more

Cranky Complaints-Lady when the CHIPS are down…

Attention:  Canadians!  Call to action follows.  We can make a difference (maybe)!These have been reformulated, along with the chunks, and are no longer kosher (pareve).  I'm sure the kosher supe… Read more

Short Parsha Riddles: Matos-Masei / מַּטּוֹת-מַסְעֵי

בְּמִדְבַּר / Bamidbar / Numbers 25:10-30:1Click for printable PDF version.Don’t forget to read my Parsha Poem (Matos and Masei) and parsha overview (both).  Plus… copywork and parsha activities – so… Read more

The perils of bad Hebrew school, Sunday school, yeshiva

At almost thirteen I dropped out of Sunday school… mainly because I suddenly saw that the picture of Jewish history that we were learning, of a marvelous and talented people surrounded by dull and ev… Read more

Latest blog spam

I have received the following spam comment a few times now... aargh.  I do admire how it echoes the blog's theme without containing any meaning whatsoever. ----- Original Message ----- From: Read more

Feynman on Humility

Another memorable passage in an audiobook of Surely You’re Joking, Mr. Feynman.  I promise I’ll stop talking about Richard Feynman soon… I’m just so very, very impressed this time through his memoir,… Read more

Facebook says… I say… * tznius warning *

Okay, so I promise this will not become a regular feature.  But there is seriously much drivel out there that needs commentary in my own private place because I will tick off all my friends, IRL and… Read more

Facebook wisdom says… I say…

Sometimes, I think I’m the “anti-attachment parent.”  But there’s some real drivel out there, isn’t there???  So here’s the “wisdom” going around on facebook this evening:“Listen earnestly to anythin… Read more

Matos-Masei Parsha Summary: Revenge… and forgiveness

This is a basic overview of the parsha story in a format that can be adapted for a wide range of ages. Sources include parsha text, commentaries and midrash.  When introducing midrash or other non-ps… Read more

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