Cranky Complaints-Lady when the CHIPS are down…

imageAttention:  Canadians!  Call to action follows.  We can make a difference (maybe)!

imageThese have been reformulated, along with the chunks, and are no longer kosher (pareve).  I'm sure the kosher supervisory organization is happy to keep on taking your money for their stamp of approval, but ask them honestly how many people who care about kosher are interested in dairy chocolate chips.  There are a million dairy chocolate products out there, but very few high-quality pareve ones.  The reason these have become the most popular chocolate chips within Canada's Jewish community (and well-known by reputation elsewhere) is because they were kosher, pareve - and quite tasty.  Because products with dairy in them, like these chocolate chips, cannot be eaten within six hours of a meal containing meat or meat products, these chips are now next to useless in a kosher kitchen.  Very upset over this switch, and I hope I'm not the only one writing to you about it...

Not quite up to my usual high rant standards, sorry!  I’m so tired today. 

If you’re sad about your chips, take a minute to copy, paste, or make up your own words, and kvetch about it here.  Some things are worth taking a stand over and chocolate chips… well, they’re just one of those things!  Seriously, the more of us they hear from, the more chance they’ll change it back, right?


  1. So far the 1kg size is still pareve

  2. I wrote them as soon as I saw this!

  3. What? NOOOO! Where can I buy a case of the old formulation?


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