Facebook says… I say… * tznius warning *

image Okay, so I promise this will not become a regular feature.  But there is seriously much drivel out there that needs commentary in my own private place because I will tick off all my friends, IRL and otherwise, if I do it on their posts.

So what does facebook say now???  That THIS is beautiful art.

(*** tznius warning *** please don’t scroll down if your children, husband, father-in-law or anyone who might object, or go mad with desire, is looking over your shoulder)

What is THIS?









(just a little bit further)










(thanks for scrolling!)

A few of the many comments (344 likes, 144 shares):

  • Very beautiful, one of my favorites :)
  • wow, that's just awesome
  • beautiful pic my i steel it hun?? [sure: “steel” my dictionary, too, while you’re at it]
  • ty ty [ty = thank you, in the hectic-paced world of the Web]
  • Wow! I love this!!!!
  • I love this pic so much. I want it as a tattoo..
  • Gorgeous picture!

There were a few smart comments:

  • Is breastfeeding still safe when you're on acid? *joke* please don't hurt me!
  • first did someone on serious good drugs paint this? second.. it looks like the baby is sucking blood from her breasts [to which someone replied: “isn't milk all part of blood production? At least that is what I was told.”… um, no, not technically part of blood production, no, it isn’t]

So what do I say???  “Where the heck did you find that demon changeling pixie baby and how can you get him back to the underworld before he sucks the rest of your soul into nauseous splashy oblivion?!?”

Believe me, I am STILL breastfeeding my 4.5-year-old, for seven and a half years of non-stop nummies; I have loved almost every moment of it.  And I am grateful, I suppose, that none of those moments even remotely resembled this painting.




  1. Plus it looks kind of fiery, like mother and child are burning up in weirdly colored flames. Very, very creepy! I nursed all my kids and I found it sweet, intimate and joyful. This picture does not reflect that!


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