I am here from the future…

…and I come bearing ground pecans!


Before Shabbos (on Friday, June 22nd), Ted rummaged around in the freezer and found his trusty baggie of ground pecans for baking Shabbos honey-mustard salmon… and the date on the baggie said June 23rd.  Yes, I made him throw them away and start with fresh pecans.  And I made him stand and have his picture taken.

Does your freezer have any delightful surprises?


  1. so you didn't clean them out before pesach?

  2. @ja'el - I feel like a lazy north american here, but nuts and other non-chometz get moved to the basement freezer. We store ALL nut and seed products in the freezer, btw, because of past infestations. Shudder. :-(


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