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Short Parsha Riddles: Nasso / נָשֹׂא

בְּמִדְבַּר / Bamidbar / Numbers 4:21-7:89Click for printable PDF version.And don’t forget to read the poem and parsha overview for Parshas Nasso.  Plus… copywork and parsha activities – something fo… Read more

Once upon a time, with cereal…

A few thoughts mulled over a late-night bowl of cereal…One time, maybe about ten years ago, my brother and I were squatting at my parents’ house for the evening – I think my parents were away camping… Read more

Trumped-Up-Word Tuesday: Visioning

Who knew…???  “Visioning” is an actual, official word, useable by political officials and laypeople alike.I say this in the wake of a lively local park meeting in which various stakeholders got toge… Read more

Review: We Choose Virtues… and a fun GIVEAWAY!

I raved on here a few months ago when we began using We Choose Virtues, a “middos” (character traits) program developed by a Christian company which can be used in Christian or secular settings.  It’… Read more

Nasso / נָשֹׂא Parsha Overview: Very bad, extra good, and… gifts for Hashem’s party???

Welcome to the longest parsha of the Torah!  (Read on to find out why it’s so long!)
But first... remember in parshas Tazria and Metzora, when we read about tzara’as (צָרָעַת), a reminder Hashem would… Read more

Short Parsha Riddles: Bamidbar / בְּמִדְבַּר

בְּמִדְבַּר / Bamidbar / Numbers 1:1-4:20Click for printable PDF version .And don’t forget to read last year’s poem and parsha overview.  Plus… copywork and parsha activities – something for every we… Read more

3-day Shavuos Menu

Very streamlined indeed, what with being out for both the lunches of Yom Tov and all.  It’s weird; I was kvetching on here about not being invited out enough, and yet we’ve been invited out for both … Read more

Garden-variety capitalism

A friend’s “capitalism-themed” birthday party – complete with a little bank and market – on Sunday inspired Naomi Rivka to set up her own “seed sale” in our driveway yesterday.  She even made a littl… Read more

Nature Study, age 4

“LAEF MINT”= mint leaf… he wrote it all by himself, insisting he did not need help. Read more

On Contentment

Naomi Rivka: “Nobody is too old for colouring, bubbles or Silly Putty.” Read more

Bamidbar / בְּמִדְבַּר Parsha Overview: Counting, Counting, then a Swap!

Welcome to a brand new Sefer of the Chumash!Bamidbar means “in the desert” or “in the wilderness.” We were there for a long time: forty years. (we'll learn why in parshas Shelach!) Remember that … Read more

Walking with Israel, with Jews for Judaism

I think this event used to be called Walk for Israel, but they changed the name a while back to Walk WITH Israel, and this year was apparently the 45th (I think) Walk held in Toronto.  This year, I v… Read more

RESOLVED! Cranky Complaints-Lady takes on Ms Frizzle

*** Happy UPDATE!  Within 24 hours of my emailing this company (The Young Scientists Club), I received an email asking for clarification (I sent along the photo) and promising a replacement in the ma… Read more

Interview with a Jewish Homeschooler: Rachel

This is Part 2 in an occasional series.  Please see Part 1, where I interview the indomitable Yael Aldrich, over here.I’m so happy to introduce Rachel!  She is that rare bird, an “IRL homeschooly fri… Read more

Interesting Hebrew Reading Program – Aleph Champ

The Aleph Champ program has come to my attention a few times in the last year or so, and I am increasingly interested in its approach – though it is one many homeschoolers will disagree with, perhaps… Read more

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