Cranky Complaints-Lady Buys BOOKS! (or tries to)

RESOLVED! Cranky Complaints-Lady takes on Ms Frizzle

*** Happy UPDATE!  Within 24 hours of my emailing this company (The Young Scientists Club), I received an email asking for clarification (I sent along the photo) and promising a replacement in the mail ASAP.  I also got a phone call from somebody who saw the blog post and wanted to make sure everything was resolved to my satisfaction.  I haven’t received the replacement supplies yet, but I’m sure they will be here any day and I am very excited to try out this kit after yom tov.  Talk about excellent customer service… (and I promised I would update the blog post accordingly, since I’m very pleased, and I don’t mind saying so).  Another win for The Friz!!! ***

The kids are going through a major phase of adoration for the Magic School Bus, so when the Homeschool Buyers Co-op had a major sale last month for a Magic-School-Bus-branded monthly science kit program, costing a bit more than I would normally have paid, I figured it might be worth it.

Well, the first montly kit arrived on Friday, and we pulled it open with squeals of excitement, only to discover that one component of the kit (dishwashing soap) had – speaking of volcanoes – almost literally exploded over everything else in the kit.

Here is my email of Very Not Pleased to the folks who make this kit:

DSC03105 May's “volcanoes” kit arrived on Friday and my kids were super-excited to see it in the mailbox.  Unfortunately, on opening the envelope, we discovered that the dish liquid vial was crushed in transit and the liquid escaped not only in the ziploc bag that was meant to contain it, but it has gotten everywhere inside the outer bag. 

The paintbrush, dry paint, pumice, magnifying glass and other components are soggy and perhaps ruined.  The paper stayed dry, so we were able to read about the activities, but I am nevertheless very disappointed by this poor packaging. 

This series was a major investment, and I was hoping the kids' high interest in Magic School Bus would help justify the cost.  Certainly, for the price, there should have been better effort spent on packing the materials so they wouldn't be ruined in transit.