Garden-variety capitalism

DSC03141A friend’s “capitalism-themed” birthday party – complete with a little bank and market – on Sunday inspired Naomi Rivka to set up her own “seed sale” in our driveway yesterday.  She even made a little “teaser” sign for the end of the driveway, to entice customers to venture as far as the front steps to see all the seeds she had on display.

The choices were:  “trees 25¢” “dandeylions 5¢” and “grasses 10¢.”  I think a lesson has been learned here about the relative value of these things, and I must say, each seed-type was attractively arrayed in an appropriate vessel. 

No idea if the price is per SEED or for some other unit.  She apparently made $1, which I suspect was from Ted and Elisheva dropping quarters into her dish and not taking any seeds.  However, she was disappointed that these impressive first-day sales didn’t continue today.



  1. I love it! And if it is per seed, she's going to clean up on the grass seed!

    Peace and Laughter,


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