Menu Plan Monday: 14 Tevet, 5772

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Welcome!  We’re a homeschooling Jewish family of 6 (2 parents, 4 kids) and all our meals are kosher.  Read my MPM intro here or just visit my big ol’ list of Everything We Eat.  We eat mostly vegetarian, and I try to include one vegan meal every single week – on Vegan Vursday, of course!

As always when I’m feeling busy and uninspired, I think I’ll steal a page from Tiffany’s book, over at Frugal Gourmet Mom.  She always has something “cooking” in the kosher yummy family food department!!!  Mmm… check out Wednesdays Roasted Asian Salmon!  And Tuesday’s meatballs were inspired by her too, indirectly.

Sunday (today):  Wings and other meat-type substances at Mommy’s house, with a side of bicker…

Monday:  Shells pasta, easy/lazy pasta meal, yum

Tuesday (Ted late):  Moroccan meatballs (like these ones) with fruity couscous

Wednesday:  Tiffany’s Roasted Asian Salmon with rice and stir-fry veg on the side

Thursday (Ted off, COC Noon Concert):  Homemade gnocchi (like the ones I made way back when…), with butter and parsley – not exactly vegan, but YUM!

Friday (Shabbos):  TBA!!!

There!  I am officially back on the menu-plan Monday wagon.  What’s cooking by you this week???

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