Grammar geeks, titter with me...

Copy-editing an article about wedding programs that includes the line:

"Attractively designed in the colours of the wedding, we were immediately able to follow the order of events and identify the participants as the wedding processional began."

Spot the booboo to win a free - um - PDF of the full article, not written by me, when the paper comes out!!!


  1. Interesting to read that the authors were designed. Most people are born. Although one could say we were all designed by God, it's still unusual to hear that God designed a couple of people in colors for a wedding they wouldn't attend until they were adults.

  2. @SusanB: Whoever, you are, I love you!!! In a different world, I would let you bear my children. In fact, I do have a 17-year-old you can have cheap if you want...

  3. They must have been beautiful, all decked out like that!

  4. really? "we" were designed in the colours of the wedding? How convenient! Serendipitous, even.

    (yup, spotted it without reading any of the other comments)

  5. I spotted it, too. Good to have some other grammar sticklers around.


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