Shabbos Food!

Haven’t posted one of these in a while…

Supper (Meat):

  • Ch soup w/Kneidlach
  • Challahs from Frozen
  • Turkey mballs w/mushroom sauce
  • Corn
  • Starch???  Rice Pilaf?

Lunch (Meat):

  • Chicken Cholent w/Kishke
  • Roasted Brox
  • Sliced meat (Ted buys in a.m.)


I’m going out to work in the morning, and Shabbos is super-early, so before I go, I will make the desserts.  When I get home, I will make the turkey sauce, kishke… hmm.  Kneidlach.  Hopefully not much else!

No parsha poem this week, but please, read last year’s, and also – go visit Ted’s weekly parsha cartoon and follow his blog!!!


  1. You forgot the Turkey pastries and the three colour Jello, man!

  2. What are turkey pastries? That sounds like it could be really good even though when I hear pastries I automatically think of the sweet kind.


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