If you bought the Chanukah Lapbook… HELP!

imageHave you noticed ANY typos in this thing?

Somebody on CurrClick gave it two stars (out of 5!) because “I was very excited about this product but it is poorly written, has many spelling mistakes, is very confusing (at least 4 sections on the Menorah, but they are not together).”

I think it’s a fantastic idea to put everything Menorah-related together, and I apologize if it is confusing – I plan the components and create them, but generally leave them in the order in which they were first created.  Maybe it’s laziness, maybe it’s because I work in Microsoft Word on an old computer, and the thing has a heart attack working with large files and lots of graphics, and sometimes when I move stuff around it is lost and gone forever.  Anyway, it’s a valid point (though I wouldn’t give a product TWO stars out of five for that).

BUT… where are the spelling mistakes she’s talking about???  I’m doing a spell-check of the teaching and overview and noting where word gives me a wiggly underline.

1 - “on” appears twice in a row
2 - "neighbours / vigour / coloured" - I'm Canadian, so those are correct.  ;-)
3 - "lapbook" – if you bought it, it’s a word
4 - Jewish terms like “pareve” along with Hebrew names and place names
5 - "Google" is used as  a verb inconsistently - once with a capital G, once without.

I have absolutely no problem with constructive criticism – love it, in fact; as a writer, love knowing people are out there reading, even if they have a problem with something they’ve read.  But SPELLING MISTAKES???  I pride myself on near-perfect spelling, which is a really dumb, geeky thing to be proud of, so I take this VERY personally.

Anyone care to enlighten me?


  1. I just bought it from your "pay what you can". I will look over it when I get the download.

  2. I just bought it as well. On my way to print it. Coming from you I know it will be awesome, looking foward to do it witht he kids! Thank You. I accidentaly click on the box when I wanted to make a reviw and now I can't review it. I don't know how to undo it lol! But just wanted to let you know it looks great and I love it. Hey I blog and I don't care about grammar...!

  3. I will go over it looking for any mistakes but I hadn't noticed any! Could they be possibly be talking about the font dropping that was an Adobe problem?
    A person could do the menorahs all together if they want. They don't have to do them in the order they're printed in, that's not something I would've dropped a rating for!
    My kids have been having fun working on the Lapbook!

  4. I think you did an amazing job putting this together. I didn't find any spelling errors, maybe she is objecting to you canadian spelling. The only misprint I noticed was in the overview. You probably meant to write that the other famous Chana was Shmuel's mother. Shlomo's mother was Batsheva. Again thanks for putting this together so beautifully.

  5. @Regina: Drat! That was a dumb one because I'd just finished reading a bunch of stuff about Shmuel and then wrote the wrong name, in Hebrew AND transliteration. Oops... :-(((
    I have updated the file; if anyone wants a replacement, please just email me. :-)

  6. We have only done parts and I didn't notice anything. My kids are enjoying it and I really like how you give links and suggestions for more info and research which is great for my 10 & 11 year old. We don't do things in order anyway and I have 3 kids working on it, I think you did a great job!

  7. I wasn't asking just to get a big communal backrub, you know, but it sure does feel nice sometimes... :-))))

  8. This is a grammar rather than spelling issue, but on the section about Greek beliefs, you have it all in the present tense even though the heading is in the past. These are indeed beliefs of the ancient Greeks and not beliefs of modern Greeks.


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