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So now what? (tell me what to buy…!)

Thanks to my diligent and/or shameless shilling of wares for, both here and on various online fora (the proper plural of forums), I have earned a teeny-weeny gift card.  Yay, me!But when … Read more

Raising my Jewish Children

GZ:  Spider’s having Christmas!  It’s Christmas morning…Me:  So fun!  What do they do for that?GZ:  His sister said she would get him his breakfast while he plays! Okay, then!!! Read more

Chanukah Lapbook Close-Up Pictures

In case you’re curious about what’s inside, I finally got finished making a full mock-up of the lapbook.  There’s certainly lots going on in here.  Ignore my creepy plastic tablecloth, please.  :-)… Read more

Meeting the Masters: Picasso(s) at work

To go along with our current artist, Pablo Picasso, I printed these two sheets from Making Art Fun:  “Self-Portrait 1907” and “Three Musicians.”  Naomi Rivka astutely noticed that this “Three Musicia… Read more

Cuisenaire Rods & Homeschool Fun for the Younger Set

While Naomi Rivka was out at ballet class yesterday, Gavriel Zev enjoyed some happy one-on-one time with mama.  He’s been working well in his phonics book, Get Ready for the Code, lately, but yester… Read more

Spelling Lessons with Explode the Code

A couple of people have been asking on the boards, as I was at this time last year, how to transition from phonics to spelling. 
The assumption out there in education-land seems to be that phonics i… Read more

(Ancient) Egyptian Feast!

Well, maybe not ANCIENT, exactly, but I decided to make an Egyptian-style meal to tie in with all the time we’ve spent on Egypt this year with our Story of the World history.  Just don’t make me do i… Read more

Give us this day our daily… blog (guest posts, anyone?)

I still LOVE bread and I still BAKE bread, but I haven’t been BLOGGING my bread as frequently as I should.  So I thought I’d open it up to anyone interested in guest-posting.Your post should be abou… Read more

“Partway-through” Update: Limudei Kodesh Curriculum

One surreal thing about schooling all year is that there’s always this feeling that you’re “partway” through the year.  Nowhere near the beginning, but not approaching the end either.  I don’t mind i… Read more

How are we doing? Social Studies…

I took a look through Ontario’s Social Studies curriculum standards for Grade 1 and had a good chuckle.   Starting with the term “Social Studies” itself, a phrase which has – over my lifetime – repla… Read more

What do these men have in common?

(Apart from their bewitchingly jaunty hairstyles, that is… :-) )Marc Chagall and Felix Mendelssohn – ambivalent and/or hostile and/or self-hating and/or uncaring Jews who used Christian motifs to ble… Read more

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