Chanukah Lapbook Close-Up Pictures

Chanukah Lapbook Cover small  In case you’re curious about what’s inside, I finally got finished making a full mock-up of the lapbook.  There’s certainly lots going on in here.  Ignore my creepy plastic tablecloth, please.  :-)

This is just a suggested placement for the lapbook components.  Obviously, you could arrange them any way you like.  Also, they’re not decorated in any way – I would hope that when you’re working on this with your kids, you’ll personalize it as much as possible!

For more information about the Chanukah Lapbook, click here.  To buy it, click the “Buy Printables” button at the top of the page.  Or the words “Buy Printables” in the previous paragraph.

So here’s the lapbook…

Front cover – this is the cover image included in the lapbook PDF, printed on cardstock.  Feel free to substitute anything you want, especially if your child has created it!  You can also add any kind of illustration to the back cover, which I left bare on this mock-up.  Naomi Rivka loves decorating the outside of her lapbooks.


Lift the cover.  (I glue the cover over ONE of the flaps so it overhangs the other flap.  I think this looks nice and neat when it’s closed, but gives a little extra room on the right-hand flap when it’s opened up.  Because it’s printed right on cardstock, it adds durability; if I’m using Naomi’s artwork, I glue it onto cardstock so the cover isn’t all floppy. )


Left flap details:


Right flap (upper side) details:


Right flap (lower side) details:


Inner panel (upper side) – this panel is just a sheet of cardstock, creased well along one edge and glued into the lapbook.  This gives me the flexibility to add just a single page without making the lapbook too thick or complicated.


Upper panel (lower side):  (like my menorah?)


And finally… All the way inside:  (like my OTHER menorah?)

DSC01730 DSC01731 DSC01732    

As always, if you have any questions or get stuck assembling the lapbook, please just ask!


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