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I still LOVE bread and I still BAKE bread, but I haven’t been BLOGGING my bread as frequently as I should.  So I thought I’d open it up to anyone interested in guest-posting.

Your post should be about bread (or things that are like bread, like cake, or tempeh, or cookies…!), at least in some loose way, and if you’re writing about a specific recipe, it should be kosher.  Doesn’t have to be Jewish bread (like challah), but it can be.  Posts about baking with children, homeschooling and bread, etc., would absolutely tickle me pink.


Any ambitious bakers out there who’d like to step in with a post???


  1. We're making Naan tonight and some microwave english muffin bread I've been dying to try next week! I'll try to be ambitious and blog them :)

    My hubby's side of the family is kind of Jewish (non practicing, dad is Jewish, step-mom is non-practicing Lutheran, half brother converted to Judaism, other half brother just left for India to become a Hindu- if you can keep track of that!) and for his younger (now Hindu) half brother's bar mitzvah the rabbi helped his brother make coconut chocolate chip challah- I'll have to get the recipe because it was amazing. Communion would be way more fun with that than wafers ;)

  2. Try inviting a few people who don't blog but do comment a lot and have the right approach to life. I have some others with blogging rights on my blogs.
    Good luck!

  3. @Kristina: Yes, please!! You don't have to be Jewish to love (& bake & think about) good bread...

    Email me at Jay3fer "at" gmail "dot" com if you put something together!

    (p.s. the way modern families are, I don't bother keeping track ;-) )

  4. Sounds like fun.

    I did just a whole series on cookies for Hanuka (it was actually for my dh's work "holiday" party--we did latkes, falafel, and a cookie bar.) For example, the cake balls recipe on my site is a recipe with shots of my kids helping, too.

    I usually have at least one helper when I bake, and I bake a lot (and homeschool, too!). I would love to guest post something.


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