So now what? (tell me what to buy…!)

image Thanks to my diligent and/or shameless shilling of wares for, both here and on various online fora (the proper plural of forums), I have earned a teeny-weeny gift card.  Yay, me!

But when I went on the site and the shipping charges to Canada are RIDICULOUS!  I’m sure I’ve bought at least something there before and it wasn’t this ridiculous – like $8.99 shipping for a $5 paperback. My first thought was to find an MP3 instead, but I’m also not sure if they let me buy those here in Canada.

Argh!  I’m so frustrated… unlike B&N and every other eCommerce site, Amazon also has no way to show you a running total, including shipping, so you have to go back and forth,  pretending you’re about to order, before it will reveal the actual shipping amount.  Tres frustratundo.

So here’s where you come in.  Any ideas for how to spend this thing???  Any specific recommendations, or any workaround for the high shipping rates?  I think next time, I’ll opt for direct deposit… :-(


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