Never look through etsy…


Never browse etsy with a 3-year-old watching over your shoulder.  Even if you are looking for his birthday present, and wondering if a crocheted “minion hat” is too immature for a 16-year-old girlimage ’s winter birthday.  (They’re VERY cute!)

Because inevitably, he will come up behind you with plans of his own.  “For my birthday, I want a ‘Spickable me’ doll, and it’s yellow.”  “Actually, I want one that’s just like Rainbow Monkey, but not with stripes, but with the moo-er thing, and the moo-er thing can be his but it’s a doll, too, but you have to hold it on with your thumb.”

(like Naomi’s cow flashlight, that moos when you turn it on)

“Well, it’s called Despicable Me, not ‘The Spickable Me.’  I want a sock ‘spickable me,’ with a yellow thingy… I want…”



  1. Those are adorable, and I love Etsy.

  2. Those are really cute but I won't be looking through etsy with my kids around because they would want all that stuff too. Just tonight I took my 4 yr old to Dollar General and he was pointing out all the toys that he wanted.


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