Early Chumash “Cut-Ups” – now available!


We’re taking a break this week, but I decided to go ahead and finish up a perek (chapter)’s worth of these Chumash cut-ups, since Naomi enjoyed them the one time we got to do them.

If you’re interested in trying these sheets out, there are thirteen of them – one for each passuk in Perek 12 of Lech Lecha. 

These sheets don’t cover every word  in every passuk – there’s room for seven on a sheet, and I thought more than that would be overwhelming.  Some pesukim are short and only have a few words.

Still, the entire set might be useful in terms of developing vocabulary for chumash and awareness of shorashim, prefixes, suffixes, etc.

Leave a comment or email me (Jay3fer “at” gmail “dot” com) if you want a copy!

UPDATE Dec 4/11:  We are continuing to enjoy these, as have several other families.  The sheets for Lech Lecha Perek 12 (1-20) are now for sale (PWYC) on my Buy Printables page.  Thanks for your support!

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