Printable Science Poems – Parts of a Plant, Parts of a Flower

imageI mentioned before that the memorization poems that come with Elemental Science are kind of bad.  Like the Human Body poem: 

“My skeletal system holds me up,

My digestive system takes care of what’s on my plate and cup.”

Yeah, okay.  I am homeschooling, in part, because I know my kids deserve at least a bit better.  No, okay, a LOT.

Anyway, since we’re doing plants right now, I thought I’d throw in the plant poem.  Well, I won’t reprint it here, but trust me:  it, too, is characteristically bad.  Plus, it only covers STEM, LEAVES and ROOT, when we have learned – thanks to free 3-part cards and booklet at this site – about five basic plant parts.  We haven’t started flowers yet, but that poem seems just as bad.

So here’s my version of the two poems, which we are going to use, and you are welcome to use or not, as you wish.  It’s not great art (not even my finest moment in kids’ poetry), but I think they will do the trick, educationally speaking.  Scroll to the bottom for a link to these poems in printable PDF form.

Parts of a Plant Poem

Plants need a stem to hold them up high,

 Branches and leaves waving green up in the sky.

Roots drink deep, anchored in the ground;

Flowers first, then fruit – on plants they can be found!


Parts of a Flower Poem

Swollen bud, then a flower’s in sight,

Blooming with its petals bright,

Stigma in the middle must

Draw in pollen: stamen dust.

Pollinators might be in need,

To help create a new plant seed!

  • Download the printable PDF from my General Studies printables page here.
  • For Limudei Kodesh (Jewish Studies) printables, click here.

As usual, if you use either of these poems, I’d love to hear about it.  If you re-use them, I’d like credit.  As I always (tediously) say, the Internet is a lonely and thankless place…

Just for even more fun, here’s a nice plant learning site, with teacher’s guide.


  1. My 7 yr old has been learning about plants so I printed it for her to use.

  2. I am truly impressed at all the work you put into building your own curriculum. You are an amazing woman!!!

  3. I put up a lot of science and math resources that I've written over the years. They are at

    Perhaps they'll be of some help to your home schooling efforts.


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