Six Word Saturday: 30 Adar 1, 5771

Why the weird dates? Click here to find out!  And by the way – OMG, the real Adar is almost upon us!  If you know or care what that is…

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Music to a homeschooling Jewish mama’s heart – seeing these words on the “slate”:

“Now it is tim(e) to dauvan.”

slate 001

I guess I’ll explain a little:  I don’t usually, but 6ws attracts a diverse crowd.  “Davening” is our daily prayers.  It takes about half an hour, and it’s actually getting longer as the year goes on and I incorporate more and more bits of the full prayer service.

I’m always worried that some combination of my incompetence and inexperience – combined, perhaps, with adding too much before they’re ready - will quench the kids’ love of Judaism altogether.  This is not something I grew up with, so I’m very insecure about getting it wrong.

So when I come out to find this lovely chorus drawn on the slate, their mouths and hearts filled with smiles and songs, it really is music.  Instruments and all!

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