Oh, wow, MUST try this week…

imageHow can I make this craft relevant to our pre-Purim mode right now?  Or adapt it to the weekly parsha?  OR tie it in with our human body science unit???

Something, ANYTHING, because I have this urge to get up right now and dip a TON of cotton balls into flour-water paste and bake them hard into “dinosaur poop.”

Drat, no cotton balls in the house.  But they are easy to buy.  Somewhere, there are cotton balls, just crying out to be made into rocks!

There’s also a “cotton ball clay,” probably similar to the commercial celluclay papier-mache type products.  SO much fun with cotton balls!  I wonder if they sell imagethem at the bulk craft-supplies store?

Hmm… cotton balls seem to be THE most desirable craft supply.  I wonder why we have done absolutely nothing with them up ‘till now?

Weird.  I like this craft idea, though, because the finished texture is not like cotton balls at all.


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